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Aug 26, 2006 09:56 PM

Thai Lotus BBQ in Harbor City?

Has anyone tried it? Recently got their flyer and craving Thai right now, so thinking about trying their delivery. Thanks!

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  1. Do they actually specialize in BBQ?

    1. I used to eat there when I was working. I loved the food. Especially their won ton soup or the spicy shrimp soup on a rainy day. Their green curry was good and I liked their Pad Thai. Since I would only occasionally be in that area, I would usually order the same things that I liked so I didn't try a large variety. I say definitely give it a try.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I tried them for delivery and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered pad kee mao (spicy wide noodles with chili, basil, and mint) and yum nua (beef salad) and asked them not to make it "farang" style (toned-down foreigner style). The lady who took my order enthusiastically said it was authentic.

        I took about an hour to arrive and the pad kee mao was fiery hot with some julienned pieces of bamboo and plenty of fresh basil and mint flavor. The beef salad was a little different than usual because there were no cucumbers, but lots of red onion and good spicy flavor.

        The food hit the spot and I would definitely order from them again.