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Aug 26, 2006 09:36 PM

Great food along I40 in East Tennessee

In two weeks I'll be driving from Knoxville TN to Asheville NC. We'd love to stop at a great restaurant with a view a short distance from the highway. Does anyone know the Islamorada Fish Company in Kodak, The Point Restaurant in Dandridge or Cowboy's Seafood on the Water in Dandridge? Or any other great place? Thanks

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  1. Check out Puleo's Grill. Best Shrimp Scampi we ever et. Italian with a southern flair. Everything is good and the food is ALWAYS served hot.
    I-40, Exit 398, Strawberry Plains.

    1. Because I travel it 6-7 times a year to visit relatives in E. TN, I can say with some authority that I-40 between Knoxville and Asheville is culinary wasteland. Unfortunately, Puelo's is about as good as it gets, and it's a hit-and-miss chain.

      Once you get to Asheville, however, a whole wealth of possibilites presents themselves in all price ranges...

      Salsa's (moderate Carribean)
      Limone's (high end So-Cal nuevo Mexican, killer Sunday brunch)
      Rosetta's Kitchen (cheap vegetarian lunch spot with a lovely terrace overlooking Lexington Ave.)
      Laughing Seed Cafe (moderate vegetarian)
      Early Girl Eatery (moderate neuvo Southern, serves breakfeast lunch and dinner)
      Tupelo Honey (moderate neuvo Southern, good Sunday brunch)
      Doc Chey's (cheap, fast Asian)
      Rezaz (high end Medditterian)
      Mela (moderate Indian with a nice lunch buffet)
      Tomato Cuchina Latina (moderate Salvadoran, best Salsa and chips on the planet)
      28806 (moderate nuevo American, wonderful pizzas)
      Sunny Pointe Cafe (moderate nuevo American, excellent Sunday brunch)

      1. jeff c forgot a few good ones...
        table (high end, minimalist decor, daily changing dinner menu)
        rezaz enoteca (wine bar attached to rezaz reataurant, cheap eats and good wine selection)
        heiwa (japanese, great lunch spot)
        wasabi (decent sushi)
        fig (biltmore village, good food, decent wine list)
        corner kitchen (caro american, friendly service)
        enjoy them!!

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        1. re: loop in asheville

          Have only been to Table and Corner Kitchen once each but found both overpriced and overrated. Hear good things about Fig but haven't yet been. Have been to Rezaz (which was good but also overpriced) but not the new Enoteca, which sounds much more reasonable for smaller budgets/appetites.

          Since I'm not a Sushi guy I'll defer to others on Wasabi...

        2. I haven't been to East Tennessee for 13 years, but I have family in the Tri-Cities (Rogersville) area.
          My point is that the reason I am a Barbecue Pitboss and caterer and that I compete in contests is due to a restaurant in Greenville. I don't know it's name just that after driving into Greenville from Rogersville, we came across all this new construction. A new highway, Kmart, Wallmart, McD's and the rest of the usual suspects. But right in the middle, opposite the Wall Mart was a dusty patch of dirt with a decrepit, old red barn shaped restaurant with a sign claiming they served Barbecue. They did. It was heavenly. It changed my life.
          I hope it's still there.
          Da Cook

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            1. re: Hushpuppy

              I looked up Stan's on the new and it isn't the same place. They might have moved to a new location, but I don't know.
              This place was a decrepit old red barn, in a dusty gravel lot and you drove around the building to by your take-out barbecue
              Da Cook