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Aug 26, 2006 07:58 PM

Price Drop Alert - Sakura Seafood Buffet, Salinas

I hope this is alright with all, including board moderators that I started a new thread on this subject.

I was at Sakura Seafood Buffet yesterday for lunch and noticed a huge banner announcing it has lowered it's All-U-Can-Eat buffet prices. I asked someone why they decided to lower it's already reasonable prices and was told "...we need to get more customers in...." I actually think the prices at it's ?sister?/competitor restaurant King Buffet on the South side had something to do with it. Now, Sakura's price is even lower than King Buffet's! Hopefully it's new pricing doesn't adversely affect the quality.

For a review of Sakura please refer to Melanie Wong's:
It's fairly accurate in that some days the food is spot on what Melanie wrote in her review, and somedays it's better than usual.

And her review of King Buffet which is spot on:

New Prices:

Adult Lunch Buffet $5.99 down from $6.99; Adult Dinner Buffet $8.99 down from $9.99
Sunday/Holiday price is unchanged at $10.99

Carry Out
Lunch $3.25/lb down from $3.99/lb; Dinner $4.25/lb down from $4.99/lb

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  1. The original comment has been removed