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Aug 26, 2006 07:39 PM

Ergonomic cookware needed

I have tennis elbow in my dominant(left)arm and I've heard this might be an indefinite condition; if so, I'll need to replace my knives, cork screw and can opener. I am trying to use my right hand more but cutting makes me nervous. I am looking for suggestions and recommendations for other cookware that is ergonomically correct. Thanks

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  1. I can't say how well this works, but this hands-free can opener from Sharper Image caught my eye when I was in the store this weekend. If you get it I hope you will report back if you buy it.

    OXO makes a line of products called 'good grips' that people with arthritis use. They have a corkscrew.

    And a line of knives.

    I know that Target in California sells OXO products, but not sure if they sell the Good Grips line. There is a store locator at OXO and you can order on-line.

    My mom used to get a lot of catalogs for people with arthritis, but I think I tossed them. If I remember the names of any of those other companies that sell utensils that require minimum stress to use, I'll post.

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      Thanks for all the great information. I especially like the can opener and the cork screw. There is sharper image on my way home from work, maybe they can give me demo.