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Aug 26, 2006 07:26 PM

Handy Market BBQ

I've driven past the billowing smoke the emanates from the Handy Market in Burbank on Saturdays for several years. Today, I finally took the plunge and let the siren's scent of the smoke lure me to the grill.

My purchases were limited to tri-tip and turkey legs - mainly because I wasn't in the mood for the other two choices, pork ribs or chicken. From what I observed, the ribs are the big seller.

A good sign: there were about 6 or 7 people waiting in line.

The next good sign: when I walked in the house with my meaty bounty - my cat and dog followed me straight to the kitchen - they aren't getting anything - at least for now.

The tri-tip is really quite good, tender and just salty enough - it leaves a smoky taste lingering in my mouth. It isn't quite Santa Maria quality but probably the closest I've found in L.A.. It is good enough however to make me break out the pensaquito beans and start cooking a worthy accompaniment.

By the way, the turkey leg is tender and tasty too - but really it is just a turkey leg so, I can't get all that excited about it.

Overall, this place is worthy fodder for a field trip. It makes the prospect of Saturday lunch or even a casual weekend dinner a little more exciting.

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    1. re: Briggs

      Magnolia and Buena Vista, in Burbank. Google is your friend.

    2. What were the prices like? I have heard prices can be high.

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      1. re: reality check

        I think the chicken, turkey and pork were all $2.99/lb and the tri-tip was $6.99/lb - not that pricey in my opinion.

      2. Oh Oh Oh!!! It's sooooo good. The one time I went by, I was in the neighborhood for Yummy Cupcakes (more on that later). I saw the smoke and couldn't resist. I got a huge hunk of tri tip, a slab of ribs, and a half chicken for like 30 bucks. Went inside to pay, and picked up some cole slaw, a six of Sierra Nevada, and some corn on the cob to make a dinner out of the fixins. The meats were so tender, very flavorful. Chicken fell off the bone. I thought I was in heaven and felt like I stumbled on to one of the great secrets in LA.

        Down the street is Yummy Cupckes, fairly new. Very good cupcakes. The desserts, the meats, the cold beer... man did we feast that night (and the next day, too).

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