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Aug 26, 2006 07:09 PM

Best of SD?

I have tried Sushi Ota (love it), Phils BBQ (love it) and Point Loma Seafood (eh. I think its history is better than its food) but am looking for suggestions for other good places to eat in SD. Seafood restaurants/markets are preferable, but anykind of good food recommendation would be appreciated.

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    1. re: honkman

      THanks for that link. It was helpful but really seemed to focus on french or fine dining. I dont really care about the setting or ambiance. I am looking for good food and thats it. Seafood is preferred, but if its good food served in a shack, its fine with me.

    2. This might be a better is the rotation of places many hounds hit.

      1. The Fishery 5040 Cass in PB. Inside and outside dining. Good preparations. Very fresh fish as the restaurant shares space with a retail/wholesale fish operation. Not real fancy, but excellent seafood choices. Even the fish 'n chips is memorably good. Call 858-272-9985 for res.


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        1. re: Phoo D

          I second Ed from Yuma's suggestion of the Fishery. You can read a review and see photographs of the food at

          1. re: Phoo D

            I couldn't agree more with you...a year or two ago, but I think the quality of this place has gone down hill since they began to fall into their own trap of basking. I would still go there to buy the fish though -- immaculate. You might be ok staying away from any of the fried fish, shrimp, etc dishes (meager). Prices are too high for little ambiance as well, you feel like sardines in that place.

          2. I'd also suggest Blue Water Grill and Bay Park Fish Co. Both have excellent fish, and fun low key atmosphere...


            1. How did Super Cocina not get mentioned?