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Aug 26, 2006 04:21 PM

Is there any decent Indian food in the Hollywood area?

Haven't had a more than a passable indian meal since moving to LA--where's the good stuff? There are a couple of restaurants in my Beverly/LaBrea/Melrose area which are all unreliable and usually not very good. Thanks for any help.

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  1. Paru's of Hollywood, just east of the 101 offers good South Indian vegetarian food if that's of interest.

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      Glad to hear Paru's is still good. South Indian is considerably different from what you may be expecting but it is delicious on its own.

      You may have to go out of your stated area to get good Indian. Please see my comments a few postings later than yours about Nawab (Santa Monica), Addi's Tandoor (Redondo Beach), and Gate of India.
      We have eaten at Surya in your area and it was just OK while being overpriced. Electric Lotus was a disaster.

    2. Why don't you venture South to Artesia and Little India. Udupi Palace is a fantastic S. Indian place (Bro in law from London who's spent lots of time in India says it was the most authentic he's tasted here in the states). Lots of sweets places on that block, too.

      1. I've recently gone to a little Indian restaurant in a strip mall on Sunset b/w Fuller and Poinsettia called Gate of India. Unassuming little joint but some really delicious Indian food. Favorites so far are any of the meats in the Vindaloo sauce...delicious. The onion kulcha bread is fantastic and I would be happy just eating that with some mango chutney on the side. If you like spicy, as I do, make sure to ask for very spicy dishes, as they tend to be milder than some other places.

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          I agree that Gate of India fits the bill. Maybe not the best Indian food around, but pretty good. I perhaps haven't eaten there enough to know if its completely relaible, but been pleased each time I've gone.

        2. I defer to an incredibly knowledgable previous poster, Toohey, who recommended Makkah Halal in Koreatown. I've been to every Indian restaurant within 5 miles of Hollywood, and this was the best by far... FYI, they do in fact allow BYOB.

          For lovers of Indian Food: A Gem in K-Town

          After reading/observing several posts on Indian food in the city of Los Angeles, I would like to put my two cents on a gem of place which seems to be missing from the lists of fellow Hounds.

          The place in question is called "Makkah Halal Restaurant" located in a strip mall at the intersection of 4th Street and Vermont Ave (Koreatown). The owners are from Bangladesh and their food reflects an interesting mix of Mughlai/Punjabi (i.e. North Indian) with East Indian (Bengal) (The Yellow Dal/Dal Tarka is the closest to home-made daal in a lot of East/West Indian homes, the Baingan Bharta (Eggplant Bharta) is jolly good, the Aloo "Motor" as its called again has a homemade flavor to it - again more East Indian than North).

          Lunch buffet is good, but does not have the variety of numerous other "Indian Buffet specialisits", however whatever is served is delicious to say the least. The Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) is yummy to say the least and IMHO, is more or less a daily fixture.

          However, I would highly recommend going for dinner and trying out the Chicken/Lamb Tandoori dishes (Tandoori Chicken/Chicken Tikka/Lamb Tikka are juicy, spicy and luscious, Seekh Lamb Kabab is good but I have had much better in Pakistani restaurants in Orange County). The curries - notably the Chicken/Lamb Bhuna, the Shrimp Curry, and the Chicken Vindaloo is outrageously good.

          The downsides (which don't concern me but may concern others) are: its not a date place, its ambience is nothing to write home about (perhaps obvious from the first point) and it doesn't serve alcohol (and I am not sure if they allow BYOB). FYI, most dishes are in the $8-11 range.

          Its closest geographical competitors are in the Los Feliz area, and it does have a potential "halal" competitor in "Agra" but "Agra"'s curries are OK, and the vegetarian fare is way below average. The tandoori dishes on the other hand are quite good (and it allows BYOB - been there, done that). The other Indian place "Electric Lotus" at best is average in terms of quality but certainly better in terms of size of portions (though it is a little expensive).

          Makkah Halal Tandoori Restaurant
          401 S. Vermont Ave.,#3
          Los Angeles, CA 90020
          (213) 383-9976

          link to this post posted by Toohey on May 01, 2006

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            Second Makkah Halal. I make regular journeys there from the SGV just for their dal.

            I've seen people BYOB there before. the owners don't seem to mind.

          2. Anarkali has always been good to me. I think it's on Melrose just east of La Brea.

            They're always very nice too, the interior is pretty decorative, and they always throw in extras.