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Aug 26, 2006 04:17 PM

Good eats around JHU in Baltimore


I am a Canadian who will be new to the Baltimore area in September. What is baltimore like in terms of the food scene? Are there a lot of good stuff in this area and how does it compare to other large major cities. I have always had trobule finding good southern food in cities like Boston, and anywhere in Canada. Does it exist in Baltimore?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...
    is a recent thread on this topic. the other place to look is to use the search function for "hopkins" on this board. the new search function is the best part of the new board. if you have specific questions, i'm sure people will be happy to answer.

    as for good southern food, there is some, but are you looking for upscale or more simple food?

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      I will definitely follow those threads but in terms of southern food, I am looking for simple authentic, inexpensive foods,

      Thank you

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        I'm not sure where the good, cheap southern places are in B'more these days. It used to be Micah's just west of Pimlico, but last time I went there, it certainly seemed like it had dropped a notch. Rumour has it that there are several good places on Reisterstown Road.

        You might want to repost with a thread title of good, inexpensive southern in Baltimore. I'd be interested in knowing.

        Two restaurants near JHU have a New Orleans-theme: Zodiac, which I like (and which does good veggie) near the Charles Theater, and Ethel and Ramone's in Mt. Washington (I've never been there).

        If you hear of anything, please let us know.

    2. You should go to Nam Kang(?) on 22nd. great place if you are in for an adventure. even if you order the same thing every time it is always something diferent. Don't know if they are playing tricks on me but its always delish. they have yummy little nibbles too. Kim chi and fermented black beans etc.
      the salad with the egg cracked in it is my favorite.
      They are always open late too.

      1. its on 21 St in the basement.

        1. Miss Shirley's on Cold Spring Lane is fantastic. A New Orleans tilt--biscuits, andouille, etc., and lots of fantastic choices for breakfast and lunch. Try the fried green tomato crab benedict with corn and spic hollandaise. Superb.

          1. pete's grill for breakfast - close to JHU, cheap, tasty. i really enjoyed the helmand - it's in the mount vernon/peabody area. if afghan isn't your thing, there are a lot of tasty multicultural eats there!