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Aug 26, 2006 02:56 PM

Sorry for being out of touch..... I'm near Tibet and the YAK is fantastic!

Hello Western-bound hounds! Mr. Taster chiming in from Yunnan province, China. My Lovely Tasting Assistant (LTA) and I have been traipsing around the middle kingdom and have stumbled upon a village in the mountains (Lige) where we found the local speciality is bbq yak. Yes, yak! Keep reading for details.

We'll be returning home mid-September, and I've gotta find this, though I fear this may be a true hound-stumper. The stuff is fantastic, though I fear that yak is most likely not to be found in the Los Angeles area (or the US, most likely). But the stuff is so damned tasty, I just have to ask.

Yak is an intensely dark red meat, much more flavorful than beef though not gamey at all like goat or lamb. When barbecued it is amazingly tender, grilled over a charcoal pit in the middle of the table (in the Mosou ethnic people's style, though LA hounds will doubtless be reminded of Korean BBQ). You brush a flavorful oil onto the raw (fresh!!) yak meat, and when cooked you dip it into a dish of flavored powder (half red spicy/cayenne-like and half yellow/not spicy). In addition you grill other things such as thinly sliced lotus root, eggplant (magnificent!), potatoes, pea shoots, white cabbage and rice cakes (all doused before grilling with that flavorful oil.)

Please answer my prayers... though I'm sure that there are no Mosou ethnic restaurants in LA (or anywhere outside of this small corner of the world), is there any yak in Los Angeles? (I'm sure that guidance to Tibetan restaurants would be somewhat helpful)

Mr. Taster
Posting from Lijiang, China

You can check my hopelessly out of date travel blog, with lots of food pics... I promise the yak will appear sometime!

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  1. Well, there's the separate Yak menu at the Katmandu Kitchen in Palms... Unfortunately their Yak is not generally served in anything resembling a pure unadulterated state... in most cases it's ground and encorporated into other menu items (like Momo). The price of said Momo triples when Yak is encorporated... but there is a Coupon on their website for cash conscious Yak cravers (a phrase that has never been typed before in the English languge):

    They also have Yak Cheese in stock... more on this philanthropic program here:

    Have fun Yak eaters!

    10855 1/2 Venice Blvd.,
    Los Angeles, CA 90034
    (310) 836-9696

    PS. Have a great trip! There's nothing like Yak served in it's natural setting!

    1. Tibet Nepal House in Pasadena serves yak meat. I've had it there and found it quite tasty. It's usually served in cubes or strips in a curry or saucy dish. I don't think they had bbq yak, but I could be wrong.

      Tibet Nepal House
      36 E Holly St.
      Pasadena Ca 91103