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Aug 26, 2006 02:31 PM

Microbrews and Good Food

Will be in Seattle end of September for a week, husband interested in microbrews and I am interested in good food, any ideas on where to go would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Well, the largest concentration of microbrewers is in Portland (approx. 3 hours south). I'm partial to the Rogue Ales (they make many, many varities including a Chocolate Ale - I prefer their Amber). Their public houses also serve food - pizza, ribs and such. They also operate the Issaquah Brewery in the Seattle area (15 miles from the Space Needle). Here are 2 of the locations:

    Rogue Public House
    1339 NW Flanders
    Portland, OR 97209

    Issaquah Brewery
    35 Sunset Way
    Issaquah, WA 98027

    If you come to Portland, you should eat at Paley's Place (here's a review):

    1. Hale's Ales (, in the West of Fremont, has some great ales. There is no accounting for taste, but I love the Moss Bay Extra (aka Red Menace) and Imperial Stout...
      Happy hour features half-price appetizers - I like to get a pizza (3.95 - fair to good) and clams ($4.50 - good to excellent), but have never tried the (huge) platter of nachos.
      The burgers are good, too.
      I have eaten some of the best fish ever, there, oddly, but I guess it makes sense for a place across the canal from Fisherman's terminal to take some pains to not embarrass theselves by blowing the fish.
      As I write this, we are just back from brunch there. Nice French toast, potatoes, chorizo scramble, plenty of coffee. Not haute cuisine, but attentively made and presented. Today, the room was bright and the sun was warm, the patio(~) was open, and it was a lovely, leisurely, experience. Very nice. Tab for 2 $27 plus tip.

      1. Collins Pub
        526 2nd Avenue

        Really good food and great beer list.

        1. Brouwer's: In Fremont. Food is still coming up to speed, beer list can NOT be beat. All the locals + a huge selection of imports. Full bar here too.

          Collins Pub: Not a brewpub, but good pub fare and a good beer list.

          Maritime Pacific: Brewpub at the brewery. Great beers, really good pub fare.

          Elysian Brewery: They have several locations around town. Average to bad pub fare, decent beers.

          Big Time Brewery: Excellent beers. I'd put both Big Time and Maritime Pacific on the 'don't miss' list for hubby. Food here however, sucks. Have beers there, eat elsewhere.

          Hill Top Alehouse and 74th St Alehouse (and they have one in Columbia City too, blanking on the name). Pub with average food, good reliable beer list, usually one or two cask conditioned taps going. (Although last time I ate at the Queen Anne outpost (Hilltop) the food was markedly better).

          Traveling north? Check out Diamond Knot Brewery in Mukilteo. Best IPA in the state.

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            Agreed on Diamond Knot having the best IPA in WA. Baghwan's Best is a close second, though.

            Maritime Pacific is great for a balance of the best food with the best beer. The Latona ( matches it, though, plus you get to sample beers from around the region on a number of well-chosen taps and one cask, which is the best hand-pulled beer I've had in the USA. Last week they were pouring the Diamond Knot Industrial IPA, too, so, bonus.

          2. If you find yourself at the Issaquah Brewhouse, for dessert try the Hazelnut Ale FLoat!