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Aug 26, 2006 02:10 PM

Pinot Grigio

I know nothing about wine. I'd like to get a couple inexpensive bottles of Pinot Grigio to have around. Any suggestions? lets say $7-12 range

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  1. Ecco Domani is very inexpensive and is a great 'starter' wine for those less experienced. It has enough character to cook with as well. You can find it in most supermarkets. Have fun!


      Link to NYT article on Pinot Grigio last week - the second best was $10. We've been drinking Livio Felluga Colli Orientali del Friuli 2004, which was also listed, but about $23 - left over from vacation splurge.

      1. This may get me crucified, but I really like the boxed pinot grigio that Target carries. About a year ago I went on a kick to see if any of the new box brands had truly stepped up the game, as at that point many were predicting that boxes would be the next big thing. I tasted a lot of disappointments, but the only rave was the Target pinot grigio, which more than held its own against all the mid-range, domestically available brands I've tried. I would not be ashamed to serve it at my table.

        1. Don't worry you won't be crucified by me. I appreciate your advice,... but I do want to have it around for this girl I'm seeing and a box might not impress her...
          When I get to know her better maybe I'll find a box.

          1. Don't shoot me for suggesting an alternative! Another clean white wine (comparable to Pinot Grigio because it's bright, fresh and straightforward, but far less watery and boring than many of them can be...) is Hofer Gruner Veltliner. It usually sells for between $9-10 a litre and comes in a distinctive green bottle with a bottle cap instead of a cork. It's kind of "fancy", I guess, because it's Austrian and biodynamic - but it's still my go-to basic white under 10 bucks.

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              I'd second this wine. Really interesting with the"bottle cap" on it, no cork, no twist off. The price is outstanding and it drinks wonderfully.