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Aug 26, 2006 01:40 PM

Report on Jay and Lloyd's Deli

My husband and I went to Jay & Lloyd's on Ave U, following chowhounds' recommendations. We were both disappointed. My husband had a wurst which was deep-friend instead of being grilled. I had a corned beef sandwich-- a real bellwether of Jewish delis. It was very mediocre-- lacking in flavor, flaky, falling apart.
Good, old-fashioned delis are extemely hard to find these days. I don't like tourist attractions such as the Stage and Carnegie. Any suggestions for good places in Brooklyn (or Manhattan)?

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  1. For me, Carnegie has the best pastrami and corned beef, and I've tried all the recommended places (Katz's, Sarge's, Pastrami King/Queen).

    I agree that it's a madhouse, but if you go 2/3 of the way back and turn right into the second room, it's bearable.

    1. I'm sorry you had suchs a lousy experience at Jay and Lloyd's. They USED to be good. I know there is another deli on Kings Highway, Adelman's. I also haven't been there in ages. It's so sad that you can't find a good kosher deli anymore.

      1. Been going to this deli for years-any time food hasn't been up to par, I've told Jay or lloyd and they are happy to make you happy by correcting the situation either by re-doing or substituting. There should be more guys like these in ANY business so willing to please. Trust me, if you had said something you would have left feeling quite differently

        1. I really love that the corned beef at Jay & Lloyd's is so tender that it's close to falling apart. I guess that's just a matter of preference. I've never had anything by flavorful meat there, though I prefer the pastrami to the corned beef.

          kernel is right about the friendliness of Jay/Lloyd (good thing they usually wear smocks with their names on them, because I can never remember which is which). Very nice people. The waiters have a bit of an attitude, though...

          1. Try David's Brisket House on Nostrand Ave by Herkimer. It's one and a half blocks behind Atlantic Avenue. It's run by this Yemeni guy. He makes really delicious deli sandwiches, especially corned beef, pastrami and probably the best brisket I've had in New York (he steams all the meats in house). Don't be put off by the deocor which is more soul food than deli. Let me know what you think if you decide to go there.