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Aug 26, 2006 01:03 PM

[DFW] -- DMN on The Soda Gallery

This morning's Morning Snooze profiles The Soda Gallery, the new store in the former Ifs, And & Butts space in Oak Cliff.

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  1. I've got mixed feelings about the place. They have less selection than Ifs Ands & Butts did, though they say they're going to continue expanding their line-up. And, on some items, they carry the cheaper or more accessible soda, when something better is available. Examples include their Dad's root beer (see this root beer report for the difference in two very similar-looking Dad's: ) and Dr Pepper. In the case of Dr Pepper, they represent their 8 ounce bottles as being Dublin Dr Pepper. In fact, it's the Temple Bottling Company product that's more commonly available around Dallas. Both are made with Imperial Cane Sugar, but--according to Rousseau--the Dublin bottling company also uses a different syrup, which affects the taste.

    Soda Gallery is a pretty good soda shop. With more selection and discrimination, maybe they'll become a great one like their predecessor in that location.