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Aug 26, 2006 11:56 AM

Where can I buy Grano in New York? (And, no, Kalustyan's doesn't have it.)

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me where I can purchase grano in New York City. Kalustyan's has it on order, but I was hoping to obtain it sooner.


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  1. Sounds like something Buon Italia in the Chelsea Market would have.

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    1. I just need clarification before I make any suggestions. Grano? Do you mean grain?
      or Grana Padano cheese?

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        1. re: Benjamin68

          If you want "farro" or spelt, Buon Italia in the Chelsea Market has some: 500g for about $3.99. Imported from Italy.

          Also, call:
          Ninth Ave International Foods Limited
          543 9th Avenue (9AV/41st or so)
          (212) 279-1000

          1. re: Benjamin68

            Kaluystan has large number or types of whole and ground grains (you didnt specify which). Do you mean "grano duro", hard durum wheat?

        2. Whether you mean spelt or durum, I've seen both at Buon Italia, but I'd call first (212-633-9090), they don't always have exactly the same stuff from month to month. I think it may even be there that I saw a UHT foil pack of pre-cooked grain (never tried it, but it can't be as good as freshly cooked.)

          Unless you're shooting for 99% "authenticity", you can just use soft winter wheat. It may not be as polished, but you cook it soft anyway and it's likely to be fresher. It's certainly easier to get and cheaper.

          1. You could also call Di Palo and see if they carry it - they have a lot of staples in addition to the wonderful cheese & meats.

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            1. re: MMRuth

              Yea, that's what I was going to recommend.
              I rely on them for anything Italian.

            2. DiPalo also runs out of stuff a lot too so this may not be dispositive, but I didn't see it there yesterday evening. Definitely call before you show up - it never occurred to me they might run out of Nutella but the cupboard was bare of that too...

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              1. re: MikeG

                If you mean farro, DiPalo is out of it and has been for a few weeks. Fairway usually stocks it but they have been out recently as well.