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Aug 26, 2006 11:08 AM

what do you eat/or prepare straight from the can, jar, package, etc.. that is perfect just as it is as a meal or snack? ?

mine is 'Stagg Chili Vegetable Garden four-bean corn and bell pepper chili' dont have to do a thing to it..sometimes i add some raw chopped onion and a bit of sour cream and some cilantro.. a sprinkle of cheddar if its around..but honestly it doesnt need anything..

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  1. Maple baked beans straight from a can. It is a guilty pleasure!

    When by BF can't be home for dinner I indulge...he is allergic so I take advantage when I can.


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    1. re: j2brady

      Veggie baked beans are awesome straight from the can. As are veggie refried beans.

      I've also been known to eat frozen berries from the bag, esp. in the summer.

      Fresh cottage cheese is another spoon-worthy snack.

      1. re: piccola

        I'm assuming that you heat them up? Or must "straight from the can" be taken literally in this thread?


        1. re: TexasToast

          In my case, straight from the can means no heating. But I can't speak for everyone.

          1. re: TexasToast

   not literally..just generally something that is great just as it is..heated or can add goodies if you like but dont have to..

            1. re: jazzpjr

              I can't do beans straight from the can cold. But if they've been heated once and then allowed to cool, I can eat those!


            2. re: TexasToast

              No heating allowed. Straight from the can means exactly that. Heating is cheating (at least in this bizzare context).

        2. Beer ;-)

          Pickled creamed herring.

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          1. Chickpeas - drained & rinsed, tossed with a little S&P and maybe some chopped red onion, parsley and a splash of vinegar, if I'm feeling at all ambitious.

            1. Peanut butter. I take a spoon (My finger if my wife isn't around) do a scoop and I'm happy.


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              1. I eat tuna right out of te can sometimes with a little bit of lemon juice.
                Also corn niblets.

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                1. re: jordana

                  yes yes..white shoepeg corn right out of the can.. been doing this since i was a little kid..thanks for reminding me!

                  1. re: jazzpjr

                    me too. almost seems a waste to heat.