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Aug 26, 2006 05:03 AM

OMG!! Taku closed for good

The Eater blog is reporting that Taku is not just closed for vacation. Instead, the owners are turning it into "a slow-simmered Italian" place -- like we need more Italian in the neighborhood like I need another hole in the head.

We need confirmation (I'm in denial). I hope the fact that Ki Sushi opened just a few doors down did not drive them out. A pitiful loss if Taku is indeed gone for good.

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  1. Warning: Take Eater gossip with a grain of um, designer sea salt.

    1. I'm designing & printing the wedding invitation of one of the owners right now, and he mumbled something over the phone to me yesterday about relocating Taku to Manhattan?? and opening a Mediterranean place in its location??. I didn't totally follow what he was saying, but there does seem to be some serious overhaulin' in the works.

      1. Eeek! I just discovered yesterday that their website said "closed until late September." I truly hope Taku doesn't succumb to the 116 Smith curse. While I wouldn't mind an excellent Mediterranean place, I feel like we have enough of that in Brooklyn, where great Japanese home cooking is much harder to find.

        Please, Taku, don't go!

        1. If you can bare the bad news, check out this thread on the subject:

          1. I'm SOOOOOOO disappointed to hear they have closed since Taku has been my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood since they opened. Their wings were the best around and the small plates were well-executed. This neighborhood doesn't need ANOTHER Italian spot. We need GOOD Asian food!!! Sure we have tons of very mediocre to downright awful Thai and Chinese places in the hood, but it's hard to find a place that has good noodle dishes like the ramen and the pho as well as other Japanese specialties that aren't just focused on sushi/sashimi. Taku will really be missed in this neighborhood.