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Aug 26, 2006 04:59 AM

Good and affordable eats at King St W / Shaw


Does anyone have recommendations for good, affordable places to eat near the King St W and Shaw area? Are there any good Jap food close-by?


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  1. At Queen St W and Shaw there's Caju which is a Brazilian influenced cuisine restaurant. My girlfriend really likes the place. (I haven't eaten the food there yet, just showed up late for drinks.)

    At Queen St W east of Strachan there's One of a Kind Pasta. I eat there frequently and have never had a bad meal yet.

    1. Caju has great food - their fish stew (MOQUECA) is amazing. Excellent service as well.

      1. Toshi at King and Bathurst is probably the best choice for sushi in that neighbourhood.

        1. I don't know about "Jap food", but Sugar on Queen near Shaw has nice brunches. Swan, in the same area, has good bistro fare. Oyster Boy has great oysters.

          1. Terroni has excellent pizza. The only place I go for Japanese food is Japango near City Hall. The BEST breakfast and coffee in that area is Prague Deli.

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              TOfoodie, have you tried Vienna Home Bakery for breakfast? Right beside Prague Deli give it a try.

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                tasoid - I have tried Vienna Home Bakery and I still prefer Prague. Maybe I will try VHB one more time just to be sure...