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Good and affordable eats at King St W / Shaw

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Does anyone have recommendations for good, affordable places to eat near the King St W and Shaw area? Are there any good Jap food close-by?


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  1. At Queen St W and Shaw there's Caju which is a Brazilian influenced cuisine restaurant. My girlfriend really likes the place. (I haven't eaten the food there yet, just showed up late for drinks.) http://caju.ca/

    At Queen St W east of Strachan there's One of a Kind Pasta. I eat there frequently and have never had a bad meal yet. http://oneofakindpasta.com/

    1. Caju has great food - their fish stew (MOQUECA) is amazing. Excellent service as well.

      1. Toshi at King and Bathurst is probably the best choice for sushi in that neighbourhood.

        1. I don't know about "Jap food", but Sugar on Queen near Shaw has nice brunches. Swan, in the same area, has good bistro fare. Oyster Boy has great oysters.

          1. Terroni has excellent pizza. The only place I go for Japanese food is Japango near City Hall. The BEST breakfast and coffee in that area is Prague Deli.

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              TOfoodie, have you tried Vienna Home Bakery for breakfast? Right beside Prague Deli give it a try.

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                tasoid - I have tried Vienna Home Bakery and I still prefer Prague. Maybe I will try VHB one more time just to be sure...

            2. Queen & Shaw area has a bevy of good restaurants closeby - Kei, Bar One, Fresh, Oyster boy...

              All delicious but sadly not one "Japanese" restaurant in the bunch - BTW, i think the term "Jap" is pejorative.

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                If you go to Fresh, make sure to avoid the miso "gravy" that can be ordered with their french fries - it's quite disgusting. You'll be better off overall at Oyster Boy, One of a Kind (great salmon), or from the sounds of it, Politica.

              2. Thanks all for all the responses =)
                Sorry for using the term. I didn't realize that it was offensive, and will be careful not use it again.

                1. Live at King and Shaw too:

                  Sugar at Queen+Shaw and also Niagara Street Cafe (http://www.niagarastreetcafe.com/home...) has delicious brunches and I suspect wonderful dinners. They both tie for the best eggs benedict in the city IMO.

                  Swan on Queen has great brunch and dinner and a really great place to hangout for drinks. A great 'retro' space. They also get their oysters from Oyster Boy next door so they're very good.

                  Kei is very interesting and I suspect some people enjoy while others will get turned off by the specialised menu. It's Malaysian cuisine. I always really enjoy their eggplant dish even though I'm not a vegetarian. Very interesting cocktails.

                  Terroni at Queen and Manning has great Italian food, slow service and I suspect the only place that is 'affordable' in the bunch. It's becoming an unaffordable area.

                  Do NOT go to Sweet Lulu on Queen near the 7-11. It looks cute and modern and while I'd love an Asian noodle house in the area this is where bad noodles are made.

                  San is a relatively inexpensive place on Queen just a few blocks east of Shaw. It's Korean and has great combo boxes that include a little of everything that is a pretty good value.

                  Every place here is crowded during mealtimes (except Kei) due to small size and popularity. Go on the off-hour or be prepared to wait. Especially during brunchtime.

                  There's no great Japanese very close - trust me I've tried. Do NOT under any circumstances go to that suspicious little Japanese place on King just East of Strachan. I think it has 'red' in the name. Had a sushi takeout from there once. Fish was WARM and also did not taste fresh at all. I have to second the Japango rec for wonderful sushi at an amazing good price. Toshi I found was good but service was distant and it seemed a little expensive.

                  1. Izmi Sushi next to Little Tibet on Queen just west of Tecumseh on the north side has decent sushi. Small little family run place, great service, reasonable prices.

                    1. Fickle mentions Little Tibet, but only as a landmark. I highly recommend it. I love their vege momos and their lamb curry (served with a side of steamed bread). I don't live in the neighbourhood, but I make regular visits just to go to Little Tibet.

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                        And I'll second Little Tibet ;-) Love the momos (both the meat and the veg ones). Especially love the family who runs it, they are so friendly and accommodating.

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                          Fickle, thanks for mentioning the wonderful family that runs Little Tibet...they are a treat. I understand that they cooked for the Dahli Lama when he was last in town. That says something about the food quality. I always feel like I've visited a temple after spending time in their restaurant...it is so peaceful. My fav momos are the fried ones, and I'd love to get my hands on a recipe for the dipping sauce. It is so fresh. The one funny thing is that they charge an extra $1 when you order fried momos over steamed from the lunch menu. It is the only place where I've been charged for extra cooking time...but it is worth it.