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I want to buy a great chorizo sausage. Where is the best?

I'm prefering dried, for slicing. But cooking with chorizo is also on my horizon, so fresh is great too.

I hate the chorizo, for example, at whole foods. Ew. (Yeah, I know, I know...)

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  1. Are you referring to Mexican style chorizo? If so, best places are local carnicerias that make it fresh, but Carmelita brand is OK. I recommend longaniza style chorizo which uses higher quality meat pieces than the standard chorizo type.

    1. try la espanola meats in harbor city.

      1. The best, as far as I know: IBERICO CHORIZO FROM SPAIN, now available in USA.

        1. Stater Brothers has a respectable chorizo at the meat counter. It's inexpensive, leaner than the packaged stuff and won't contain the surprises you sometimes get at the Carnicerias (hard white things that break your teeth)

          1. I'd look around for Basque chorizo. It's generally the best.

            1. surfas in culver city has spanish chorizo

              1. Although it has many supporters on this board, I'm actually not a huge fan of Guelaguetza (3335 1/4 W 8th St., (213) 427-0601), but I'll go out of my way to get their fresh home-made chorizo. Cooked down 'till it's all dense and crispy, then mixed in with fresh scrambled eggs, it's one of my all time favorite dishes. Really, really good stuff. (Throw in a couple of warm, handmade tortillas, and you've got a meal to remember.)

                1. Have you tried La Espanola?


                  Edited to add: Oops! I hadn't noticed the previous poster's suggestion about it in Harbor City.

                  La EspaƱola Meats, Inc.
                  25020 Doble Avenue
                  Harbor City, CA 90710
                  Phone: (310) 539-0455
                  Fax: (310) 539-5989
                  E-mail: info@laespaƱolameats.com

                  CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS:
                  Monday through Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm
                  Saturday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
                  Sunday: Closed

                  STORE HOURS:
                  Monday through Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm
                  Saturday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
                  Sunday: Closed

                  1. I second La Espanola, that is where Surfas gets their Chorizo and they have SUCH a selection... you'll find what you need (And if you go... bug them to see when they can finally import Jamon... ;))

                    For Mexican kind, I perfer the finely ground slightly greasy ones from Mexican Markets. My favorite right now from Gigante... :)

                    For the Meaty kind (which you might not like because it's similar to the ones at wholefoods), I love the ones from Bob's Market in Santa Monica... in fact, I picked up my stash from them yesterday... Yum!!! :)


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                      When Tiangis went out of business I lost my best source for Mexican chorizo and have been looking unsuccessfully since then. Can you tell me the general geographic area of Gigante Market?


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                        The BIG Mexican Chains are sadly VERY regional. It's like they have an 'understanding' what their 'turf' is so Sadly there is no Gigante near Silverlake. I would consider a good sub to be Jons or Vallarta in ELA (Vallarta is actually a Valley Chain, but htey opened a BEAUTIFUL store on Whittier recently)



                        Also try smaller Carneceria's... There are lots of little guys out there making AMAZING sausage. :)

                        Finally, for a super market brand, Farmer John's Choritzo is the best, we like it better than the Carmelita brand...


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                        In general, Bob's Market has excellent sausage selections and -- along with Sanchez Market for carne asada -- is a backyard grilling/tailgating at the Rose Bowl staple for me.

                        Dommy -- I think we're from the same 'hood based on your posts -- what do you think of Top Value on Inglewood. I live around the corner and shop there all the time, but the specialties of a Mexican grocer are not something I grew up with. Any opinions on Parviz Cafe in front and the store in back? And did you know they'll be selling fresh tortillas any day now?

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                          Yup, I'm now Culver City based... :)

                          As for Top Valu, is truly BAD. They have no butcher, they often leave rotting fruit and veggies on display. They bakery is equally horrid, they can't even do a proper Bollio right!!

                          Nope, Carneceria Sanchez is where it's it's at for meat and seafood and for more of a real shopping experience, it's SO WORTH it to get on the 405, exit century and head up to Gigante in Inglewood Plaza, the difference in WORLD apart... And they make their tortillas on site too, including the Jalapeno Tortillas I used to make this tostada! :)



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                            Thanks for the info and the tip on Gigante ... I live walking distance to Top Value so I pick up milk and cereal and stuff like that, hate their produce, though, unless I'm looking for an onion to slice for burgers, something like that.

                            I will say that they have a pretty tasty family meal deal with rice, beans and rotisserie chicken that isn't too bad and they'll make a chicken burrito out of the rotisserie chicken which I like because they aren't using chicken soaking in liquid, they literally chop up a rotisserie chicken.

                            But other than that, I drive to chain stores most of the time, instead of walking to Top V.

                            It's a good neighborhood for family Mexican food in general: there are nice dishes to eat at Don Chuy's, Mi Ranchito, El Abajeno, Gallegos, the taco place at Washington and Centinela (Estillo?), Tacomiendo and there are some others opening all the time that I haven't tried yet. Sanchez Market rocks ... it's a good Chowy neighborhood in that respect

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                              That tostada is now my desktop background. Looks great

                        2. La Espanola is incredible. Thank you all so much for these recs. Chorizo craving in hand!