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Aug 26, 2006 04:05 AM

My 30th Birthday - suggestions for places below 23rd street please!!

I'm in the process of planning my 30th birthday and wanted to find a few places that is not too pretentious, expensive or crowded. At first I planned dinner at japonaise and wanted to head over to Cibar for drinks and meet up with more people, but that's a bit "too worky crowd area". Other idea was to go to Enoteca Barbone, site in the garden and then find a cute lounge on the LES. Any suggestions greatly appreciated please.

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  1. Give us a price range, please.

    1. Congee village for dinner, then walk over to Good world bar for drinks in their outdoor garden.

      1. I would say price range for dinner about $50-$60 per person including drinks and then afterwards, something loungy hip, but not too crowded and pretentious. Thanks for helping!

        1. I would suggest Stanton Social. It's certainly loungy and hip. The food is good and it's made for sharing. We went in a group recently and spent $40 each (only one round of drinks though and no dessert). Lots of recommendations on this board.

          There are any number of bars in the area depending on your preferences: Cafe Charbon, Epsteins, Punch and Judy...

          1. thinking not too pricey bit special in some way - def barbone and beyond that......what about little giant (good enough food and fun atmosphere) on orchard, pylos (rustic greek)on e 7th, aroma wine bar (fab downstairs dining rm, very special) on e 4th, la luncheonette (french bistro and i think still good after all these years) on tenth and 18th, apizz (pizzas and wild boar pasta) on eldridge............