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Take Out in the East Bay?

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Any recommendations on quick take-out/to-go dinners in Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito?

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    1. Cheeseboard Pizza

      You can get one half baked and finish it in your home oven


      1. Lola's, Lola's, Lola's ... wonderful baked chicken.
        Previous posts

        Tangerine on Solano

        A.G Ferrari has some good take out

        Epicurious Garden across from the Cheeseboard

        Poulet on Shattuck ... they keep getting better

        Lao Thai Kitchen

        Well, if you want a meal for a week, Little Ange's in El Cerrito

        1. Gregoire. It really is the Easy Bay's finest take out.


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            Second on Gregoire. How could I forget.

          2. Andy and Cindy's Thai Cuisine at the Tues and Sat Berk Farmers' Market.

            Bakesale Betty for fried chicken & beef sammies (technically in north Oakland, but close & good enought to count).

            Mortadella sandwich from Cafe Rouge.

            I haven't tried the brown bag from 900 Grayson but it sure looks good and EVERYTHING I've had there has been positively delicious. Had a party of 10 for brunch last week and everyone was wowed. Definitely worth checking out.


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                Ahhh, I missed that dinner part of the original post. That's what I get for posting after a long night of food and drink.

            1. You can also put together a meal from the large food counter at Andronico's (various Berkeley locations.)

              And if you do get down to Bakesale Betty, don't miss the chicken pot pies. Just finish them at home; they're filling and delicious.

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                Berkeley Bowl, Whole Foods, and Tuk Tuk also have big selections of takeout.

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                  Has anyone tried the food at Tuk Tuk lately?