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Massive Onion Rings (Toronto)

I just wanted to rave about an unlikely place, Apache's which is on Dundas West just by Kipling Station.
It's a diner place... and it can be a little... well... that's besides the point... because they stay open until 3 or 4 am which is great if you're going that way after a night of whatever you're up to (you devil, you).

I have to reccommend their ridiculously sized onion rings... they come in a deceptively small package, though don't let that fool you.
They are incredibly delicious (though bad for you, lol) and quite filling!

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  1. mmmmm... Onion Rings.

    Another place for the best (and I mean the absolute yummiest) onion rings is Sun Crisp located at 2047 Weston Road (n/w of Lawrence). Small family place and for $2.70 you get a very large box of the crispiest, tastiest onion rings I've had in years. A small order is a dollar something.

    Great fish and chips, too. Just $7.25 an order. Great place, nice people. Enjoy!

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      I went to Sun Crisp today (Dec. 27, 2006) on your recommendation. The guy there was very nice, and the onion rings were fresh and home made, but it just wasn't for me. There was too much batter which took away from the onion taste. I prefer onion rings with a thin layer of batter, where you taste a lot of the onion. Also, I like when they are fried longer for a crispier ring.

      Perhaps just a personal preference.

    2. "Dairy Freeze" at Caledonia and St. Clair Ave West...onion rings big enough to be made into bracelets!

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        Sad news about Dairy Freeze. It appears to be under new management, even though many of the old staff remain, and the quality has gone way down. The patties seem smaller and not fresh meat but frozen. The milkshakes aren't nearly as rich and the ice cream just isn't as creamy as it used to be. The only thing going for it these days is that it's open late. When I'm in the area now, I ride the extra blocks out to Harvey's in the HomeDepot near Keele--fresher, believe it or not, and cleaner.

      2. Try scratch daniels on queen st e in the beaches. They have a 'tower' of onion rings (also available in 1/2 tower), and theyre pretty good and big. I usually have fries with my meals, so I havent tried many places for onion rings, but these were definetly the best i have had.

        1. High Street Fish and chips do 'onion things' on a skewer --- big juicy slabs battered with the same as the fish - best i've had, far better than apache

          1. I prefer my onion rings breaded, not battered. Universal Grill at Dupont and Shaw makes great onion rings.

            And, this is no joke: try the onion rings at A & W. They taste just like they did 40 years ago (can't say the same for their Teen Burger, which used to be made with Canadian bacon); they're thick, lightly breaded, and very good.

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              I was just going to mention A&W. I think they have some of the tastiest onion rings going. Always made to order. Lately, I find them not as salty as they used to be.

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                When A&W onion rings are done properly, I swear that they are as addictive as crack. Unfortunately, most stores fry them at too low a temperature, rendering them greasy and falling apart.

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                  Still really good but definitely not as yummy-salty -- does anyone else remember that they used to have a different coating, a yeastier batter than the current (but excellent!) crumby coating?

                  Cannot for the life of me remember a teenburger with Canadian bacon, though -- and I've been eating them for 30 years.

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                    When I was a kid in the 60's, we went to the A&W drive-in on Decarie Blvd. in Montreal every Sunday for lunch. The Teenburger definitely had Canadian bacon, and the onion rings were exactly as they are now - not battered, but the same crumbly breading they have now.

                    Is it possible that the Quebec and Ontario A&W's had different items?

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                      I was actually visiting A&Ws in Newfoundland 30 years ago ... maybe that's the difference?

                      An informal survey of Newfoundlanders in my house remembers strip bacon and battery onion rings in the 1970s and 198Os.


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                        Heh, it's funny because I want to like the crumby coating but I find it pretty crummy instead... it has the strange ability to make my mouth feel dry and unpleasant.

                2. Apache... all the way! It's a staple in central Etobicoke!

                  1. I was in Richmond Hill recently and ordered a burger and fries at the Steer Inn. I was reading some reviews on their rings and changed my fries to rings. Great idea as they were very good. A very tasty batter.

                    I definately recommend them if you are in Richmond Hill.

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                      Born and Bred in Richmond Hill, the Steer Inn is the Icon on Onion Rings. When I get home to see the parents, I always head for the Steer Inn for their Onion Rings..They are the best. Tour boi

                    2. I enjoy breaded over battered, but that being said, the only breaded rings I like are in my own kitchen. I personally dislike A&W rings. I tried them today because of this posting and found them to have a sour taste. I had them a month or so ago and found them to be completely boring. I really dont see how they ever could be very good given their makeup.

                      Battered-wise. There are two places that I think have fabulous rings. Both are greasy unfortunately. But both are very very tasty with good large rings of sweet onion. Prague on Queen West and New Toronto Fish Chips where the fish is also great. Love those rings.

                      1. A little out of the way perhaps, but the onion rings at Don Cherry's Sports Grill in Parry Sound are phenomenal - thick cut Spanish onions, in a light and crispy breading.

                        Anyone up to a 2-hour drive for onion rings?

                        1. Will anyone laugh at me if I admit my favorite kind of onion rings are the kind with barely any onion :P

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                          1. although I have not been there for a while . . . I remember Peoples on Dupont having some good rings...


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                              I usually try to stay away from onion rings - they'll too damn tasty, not all that healthy and I'm too weak to resist - but they came with the provimi liver main dish at The Pasta Bar in Scaramouche last week. Big, big ones, almost big enough to jump through, and quite wonderful. Alas, you can't get them on their own, I don't think. You'll have to order the liver ($24), making them rather expensive for those used to A&W's version. Happily, someone else was footing the bill that night.