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Aug 26, 2006 02:28 AM


Where I live, we are about to get a place called zpizza. I've never heard of it. Comments?

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  1. Z Pizza is an office favorite at my midtown Phoenix highrise. I think that for corporate pizza, it is pretty good. I love their Casablanca pizza which is always quite flavorful and fresh.

    Their salads are also quite good, too, but they can be a bit pricey. Still, they have decent pizza, deliver, and have always been on time at our building.

    You can see their menu at

    1. There are several Z PIzza locations here in SoCal. The pizza is far from an 'authentic' example of any major style (New York, Chicago, etc.), and I find the toppings a bit unusual for the most part. Very 'California', if you will. That said, it is fresh and good quality for what it is.

      1. We went to zPizza in San Jose CA a few weeks ago. I agree, it's closest to Californian style. Lots of choice of toppings (including many veggie or healthier combos), and choice of crust (wheat or white). Crust was thin and only slightly thicker/pouffy at the edge, some crispiness on the bottom and stiff enough to hold in hand. Order at counter, pizza brought to table kind of place.

        I like that you can get soy cheese, which was actually pretty melty (not as melty as mozzarella but melty enough) and didn't taste weird at all.

        Picture of our Tuscan Mushroom with tomato sauce instead of garlic sauce, soy cheese instead of mozzarella on wheat crust:

        Oh and free wireless at this location if you don't mind getting grease on your laptop.

        1. i too like the soy cheese, the option of a wheatier crust, and the nice topping options. like artichoke hearts, truffle oil, veggie burger crumbles, etc...great if you are vegetarian.