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Aug 26, 2006 02:19 AM

Back Bay special lunch

My son and I are going to be shopping in the back bay before he heads back to college and I am looking for a special place to take him. Ethnic is great - ho loves Thai, but something a little out of the ordinary for a pre 21st birthday lunch.

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  1. How about Domani? Creative cooking with Italian and Asian influences.

    1. Not ethnic, but the Oak Room would be a good special occasion spot.

      1. That's a tough one. Most of the places oin Back Bay that might be "special" are only open at dinner.

        I think both the Oak Room and Domani are great selections. Consider also the many restaurants at Park Plaza (Arlington St), most of whom are open at lunch. My favorites there are Via Matta and Davio's but there is also Smith & Wollensky and the restaurants at the Four Seasons. None of these are ethnic but they could be considered "special".