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where do the celebrities/celebrity chefs eat?

I was just reading another post (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...) and it mentioned something about celebrity chefs eating at a particular place (or not, in the case of the above post).

But anyway, where have you seen celebrities/celebrity chefs eat? Perhaps it means *something* and that we should follow suit?

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  1. Susur Lee eats at Toshi Sushi (just east of his restaurants) all the time. Apparently the restaurant crowd is really into Niagara Street Cafe these days.

    1. At Five Doors North I have seen Hiro Yoshida,Mark McEwan and Brad Long, on a regular basis

      Kubo Radio on Mondays seems to attract quite of few from the "industry". Perhaps not the celebrity chefs, but those who work for them, kind of like the Living Well many years ago.

      The Mars uptown feeds the kitchen brigades of restaurants in the Yonge-Eglington area well after midnight.

      Any decent Chinese place open in the wee hours of the morning on Spadina will host the crews of numerous restaurants on a regular basis.

      1. There was a Toronto Life spread about chefs in Toronto (where they cook, where they eat, what trends they hate, etc). Included Susur, Thuet, etc.

        I believe Susur mentioned Jade Dynasty Chinese Cuisine Inc (5505 Leslie Street at Finch).

        1. Saw Ken Kostick at the Tulip having the Swiss Steak

          1. I have also read that Susur Lee eats late at Swatow.

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              The first time I went to Swatow, at about 1:30 am on a Wednesday, Susur was chowing down at a back table. I took that to be a good sign (and it was, it was).

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                AWESOME...I love Swatow even though it's the craziest, nosiest and fastest serving Chinese restaurant late at night. I've never seen a faster restaurant for food and service in my life!!!

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                Susur gets around.. I saw him and his wife at Starfish.. they said he was a regular.

                Many of the Much Music / City TV gang eat at Ho SU on Queen (and get a 10% discount!)

                The funniest was seeing Kim Cattrall from Sex in the City at Laide... how fitting!

                During Film Fest a couple of years ago some film company was giving out squirt guns.. I was on Remys patio and the staff was having a water fight and ended up squirting Neve Campbell who was eating a late lunch.. if looks could kill... :-)

              3. My sister-in-law sat beside the boys from RUSH at Perigee last week.

                1. No word of a lie: I've seen Susur Lee and, more frequently, David Adjey at the Wheat Sheaf (but not together!).

                  As for what that's a sign of, the WS is just a no b.s., no frills, no attitude bar, with cheap beer, a good ratio of homemade food on the menu (albeit the occassional "popper") and competent, efficient service.

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                    Ive never been to this place, but is the food any good? Whats worth ordering?

                  2. While Joanne Kates was on vacation for the summer, the Globe & Mail had a few articles on where chefs like to eat. One week featured Chris McDonald (ex-Avalon, now Cava) and he mentioned Kaji for special occasion, Ichiriki for casual and Hiro for omakase.

                    I think a few other chefs were featured, but I can't seem to find the articles online. I read them in the print edition.

                    1. Natalie Portman and Dustin Hofman ate at Remys in Yorkville when they were in town... http://www.remys.ca/

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                          Good Grief -- someone should warn them! :)

                        2. Sursur at Asian Legend on Dundas, at lunch.

                          1. I saw Susur at Barberians last winter. Goes to show you that even Susur has the occasional, unrefutable steak craving...