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Aug 26, 2006 01:17 AM

Corner Kitchen ASheville - Lunch - a pricey tourist spot?

Had business lunch at this Biltmore Village restaurant. Service was very good and food was delivered quickly. The place was packed with what seemed to primarily be tourists. I thought it was pretty pricey for what I got. A small (maybe 1/3 cup spinach) salad with 4 bland small fried oysters and an uninspired slightly citrus dressing, a cup of soup and an iced tea was almost $15. I liked the creamy crab and corn chowder and the hint of lemon grass saved it but I thought the salad was overpriced and just ok. I'd still be interested in trying it out for dinner to see if it is better.

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  1. I haven't been, but friends really like it. And everything pretty much in Biltmore Village is pricey.

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      I love going there for business lunches - I have found the sandwiches are huge - and come with 2 sides for a very filling meal. Their brunch was been satisfying as well. And I didn't think it was overly pricey (the Dagwood sandwich that I love is about $8, with 2 sides - and I can never finish it). Try the feta-potato salad....yummy. Nice patio, too.

    2. i tend to agree with you. i've tried it for breakfast on a few occasions, and haven't been wowed. the house-made corn beef hash was good, but it was served with a lender's bagel (bruegger's is all of three blocks from them, they could at least get those "bagels"). the waffle my wife got once was very good, but came with nothing else, and was $6 or so for a single, not too generous waffle.

      all of my experiences have been like that; usually one decent-to-good thing on the plate, inexplicably accompanied by store-bought starch and lackluster sides.

      if they were serving at diner prices, it wouldn't be bad, but for what they charge it's just not worth it.

      1. I have had a few lunches at Corner Kitchen and cannot say that they were consistently good. I can say that we have tried dinner there on 2 occasions and had very spotty to bad service. The waitress even brought my friend's meal out 20 min before mine and when we could finally get her attention, she said that she thought it was weird that only one of us was eating when she brought the 1 meal out earlier. Space case. We have not been back since, too many wonderful restaurants to waste time at this one. If in the village we will eat at Rezaz or his place next door.

        1. Corner Kitchen is an extremely good restaurant, with dinner being their strong suit. They try damn hard to put the freshest ingredients in front of you and plate/fuse them beautifully. They offer fine food without the stuffy feel of most fine dining restaurants. In fact, the staff there is extremely nice. Most of them are young kids trying to do their best. It's fun.

          1. I wish that we had had the same experiences at Corner Kitchen as andlulu has had. We will always give a restaurant more than one chance if we were disappointed the first time. I would suggest going for lunch. I think that might be their strong suit. Hopefully if you go you will get the service that you are paying for. Bad service, no matter how nice the staff is, is not fun for the diner.

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              True true.. but every restaurant has it's off days, try for dinner.