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Where should I go to satisy my MAJOR foie gras and souffle cravings?


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  1. Don't think Mimosa even serves foie... do they?

    1. I've never seen either dish at any of those three restaurants.

      1. I tend to agree with JudiAU, I don't recall them being on the menu of any of the three restaurants. Alternatively, Chez Mimi and La Cachette might be two to consider.

        1. Of those 3, I like Le Petit Bistro best. Not sure if they have foie gras, but they do serve a tasty complementary pâté with good French bread. I believe the owners are Moroccan-French and I also like the merguez sausage app. Seating is tight and the room is bustling, but if you are in the mood for a good, lively Parisian-flavored meal, check it out.

          1. For (dessert) souffle, go to Maximilian's in the Valley.

            1. I've definitely had foie at Pastis... I'm not so sure of the other two though. And I can't say whether the foie was a regular menu item or a special - don't recall. Also, that was before the change of ownership.

              1. Definitely no foie at Mimosa--it is even part of its slogan.

                1. I'd go to LaCachette, or better yet, L'Orangerie (hurry, before it closes! - or has it already?)

                  1. Nothing beats Spago's 4-way foie gras.

                      1. Do this -
                        Have dindin at Le Petit - I recommend the duck or the steak frites or the cassoulet. Love it here. Then head on over to Off Vine and have a souffle. Super fab.


                        1. Foie gras raviolis at Providence - I'm not sure if this is part of their regular menu. So delicious. It was $38 for 6 of them - worth every single penny.

                          1. Thanks, Guys. Will check out Chez Mimi or La Cachette. (Don't know if I feel like springing for Spago's just yet.)

                            Le Petit Bistro sounds cool.

                            PoetKitty: Is it possible just to stop in Off Vine for dessert??

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                            1. i agree with an above poster. hard to beat spago's 4-way. if you call craig strong at the ritz-carlton in pasadena, he'll also do an incredible serving for you.

                              are you looking for tourchon, pate, or a nice seared piece of heaven? my answers would differ a bit for these individually. but the RC PAS and Spago are excellent bets.

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                                revets: Foie gras any and every way possible...thanks!

                              2. okay, then. with the risk of PETA raining down all over me, let's have a come to jesus.

                                if you love foie, then value bistro restaurants are likely to let you down, if you can find it there.

                                if you love it, you must save and go to providence, RC PAS, or Spago. or have it as your dinner at the bar with a lovely dessert white.

                                if this is financially improbable, run, don't walk to nicole's in south pasadena. you can buy the tourchon and a baguette and down it with a glass of semillon right there. better yet, buy some fresh hudson valley FG there, season with S&P, get a pan searing hot (don't add oil or butter), sear for 40-50 sec. each side, with the fat left over in the pan, toast some brioche, eat with a little ligonberry jam and a nice sauternes.

                                to my PETA friends, i've journeyed to the FG farms in france, sonoma, and the HRV. please do not comment unless you have gone to the trouble and expense to do the same.

                                1. Yes, why isn't it possible to make CRUELTY-FREE FOIE GRAS?? Someone should look in to this and make a lot of $$$!

                                  revets: Okay, you've convinced me...I'll try Spago's. I've been wanting to try their $95 tasting menu. Hopefully the four-way will be a part of that.