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Aug 25, 2006 11:59 PM

Help with breakfast in Charlotte

Hi Folks-

I'll be staying at the Hilton (uptown) for a couple of days next month, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a couple of good breakfast spots near the hotel. Maybe a good bakery along with someplace I can get some true southern grits?

Also, my flight doesn’t leave until 3:00PM Sunday, but I am having a heck of a time finding something to do before noon. Any suggestions?


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  1. The Original Pancake House at 1300 South Bv is very close to Uptown, and I have been craving some of their pancakes since my last visit. They have some ?49er? pancakes described as "thin chewey & gooey" which are awesome.

    Depending on whether or not the Panthers are in town, you should cruise some tailgate parties before heading to the airport on Sunday.


      Pike's Old Fashion Soda Shop looks like they serve breakfast on the weekends.

      John's on Central

      The best place for breakfast if you are ever there is Big Ed's
      Raleigh NC

      One important thing, in most restaurants they do not salt the grits, so taste them, if they are bland, mix in a little salt and butter.

      1. Charlotte is in dire need of a great breakfast place.

        The old standbys, The Pancake House and Anderson's, just don't cut it in my opinion.

        1. The Sunday brunch at Upstream (about 10 or 15 minutes from Uptown) is memorable. A somewhat upscale setting, it includes numerous regional standards. While dinner can be a bit uneven, the brunch is outstanding. Well worth the slight detour!

          1. I think Mimosa may also have a Sunday brunch, which would certainly be closer. Monticello at the Dunhill and Zink do too. I think Ri Ra, the Irish pub, is still doing breakfast. That would be worth checking. And Mert's does breakfast, too, I believe. If you have a car and are interested in driving away for Sunday, I've good things about the weekend brunches at Lulu on Central Avenue.
            As for what to do on a Sunday morning before noon, well, what kind of thing do you want to do?