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Senyor Parellada in Barcelona - Photo report

This is a MUST for anyone visiting Barcelona... huge menu, damn good food, and great prices!!! they have an extensive list of catalan dishes at low prices... 6 of us eat like pigs and bill was 100euro total!!... must check this place out... reservation needed..

Senyor Parellada
Carrer de l'Argenteria 37, La Ribera, Ciutat Vella
Tel: 93 310 50 94

Enjoy photo report:


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  1. Those razor clams look delicious Perceptor! You are too lucky!! Thanks for the mouth-watering pics and report as always!

    1. it tasted even better that it looks.. yummmm... every meal in Barcelona was insane.... i miss the food already

      1. Perceptor! Please give me your website as I lost it when my work computer crashed. I like to go there and see what new restaurants you've visisted recently.

        1. Dinami,

          Ca l'Isidre in Barcelona - Photo report

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          Botafumeiro in Barcelona - Photo report

          Passadis Del Pep in Barcelona - Photo Report

          Cinc Sentits in Barcelona - Photo report

          Enjoy your trip!!!


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            Hi Perceptor,
            Your photo reports are very enticing!

            While this is not a food related question, can you kindly tell me how you manage to capture such amazing shots of the interior of the restaurants? Do you use a tripod while opening the aperture and/or shutter speed?...or are these on auto mode?
            What camera are you using, btw?
            Any tip is appreciated. thanks

          2. HappyTraveling,

            Im glad you enjoyed the photos. I use a canon 300D. It is a digital SLR. The interior shots were handheld shots with the ISO at 800 which helps in the low light. Steady hands are a must of course. Hope that helps.


            1. My husband and I have been travelling throughout Spain for 15 days now. Our journey brought us to the magnificent city of Barcelona. In fear of landing in the overpriced, underwhelming tourist tapas bars/rest, etc....as we have several times in our travels locally and abroad, we looked to our friends at chowhound for guidance. Senyor Parellada was INCREDIBLE! We started with a glass of Cava and a draft beer. Our lunch featured the Local Veggies (lightly battered and fried) words cannot describe, followed by the grilled squid in a chili olive oil and onion base....OMG! Then onto the signature rice/paella Senyor Parellada was amazing and roasted lamb in 15 herbs and spices. This was by far, the most incredible meal in Barcelona during our brief stay of only 2 days. I will sahre our lunch experience today on a non specifc Spain board. It was a glorious Tapas Bar/Rest. near Sagrada Familia... absolutely a treasure! More to come... thank you Perceptor for your photos and fabulous notes!!!

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                im so glad you like senyor parellada!!! i miss that place..
                look forward to your write ups on your other experiences

              2. Perceptor,
                Thanks so much for your recommendation (and chauft for the second!). We will be in Barcelona on November 30 and December 1 and would love to go to Senyor Parellada (maybe with a group from our cruise companions). Is there a way to make reservations online? Do you think we will be able to make the reservation via our hotel staff when we arrive or should we contact them now?

                Thanks for your help. I'll provide an updated report when I return, but since everything you chose looked so good... it will probably be a similar meal.


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                  one thing i ALWAYS do when im traveling somewhere is to email list of restaurants to the hotel concierage weeks before i leave and have them book all the restaurants for me... take full advantage of hotel concierages thats their job...
                  hope you saw my other barcelona eating adventures as well... i sure miss barcelona.... probably on the same cruise that you will be doing.. we did the royal carribean med sea 7 day one... amazing time.. have fun Linda

                  1. re: Perceptor

                    Thanks for the excellent suggestion... not sure if we have a concierge, but I'm sure someone at the reception desk can call. We are on a Transatlantic on the Millennium starting on December 2 traveling from Barcelona to Malaga and Cadiz, on to two Canary Islands, then across the Atlantic to Labadee and docking in Fort Lauderdale. I've done a number of Med cruises and loved them all.

                    I did check out your other posts, and your photographs are fantastic. It's hard to decide where to eat (we only have two days this time) after looking at all that fantastic food!

                    Thanks for taking the trouble to report on your eating experiences and for taking these great photographs.


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                      oh my..... sounds like is gonna be an amazing trip...