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Aug 25, 2006 11:36 PM

Senyor Parellada in Barcelona - Photo report

This is a MUST for anyone visiting Barcelona... huge menu, damn good food, and great prices!!! they have an extensive list of catalan dishes at low prices... 6 of us eat like pigs and bill was 100euro total!!... must check this place out... reservation needed..

Senyor Parellada
Carrer de l'Argenteria 37, La Ribera, Ciutat Vella
Tel: 93 310 50 94

Enjoy photo report:


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  1. Those razor clams look delicious Perceptor! You are too lucky!! Thanks for the mouth-watering pics and report as always!

    1. it tasted even better that it looks.. yummmm... every meal in Barcelona was insane.... i miss the food already

      1. Perceptor! Please give me your website as I lost it when my work computer crashed. I like to go there and see what new restaurants you've visisted recently.

        1. Dinami,

          Ca l'Isidre in Barcelona - Photo report

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          Enjoy your trip!!!


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          1. re: Perceptor

            Hi Perceptor,
            Your photo reports are very enticing!

            While this is not a food related question, can you kindly tell me how you manage to capture such amazing shots of the interior of the restaurants? Do you use a tripod while opening the aperture and/or shutter speed?...or are these on auto mode?
            What camera are you using, btw?
            Any tip is appreciated. thanks

          2. HappyTraveling,

            Im glad you enjoyed the photos. I use a canon 300D. It is a digital SLR. The interior shots were handheld shots with the ISO at 800 which helps in the low light. Steady hands are a must of course. Hope that helps.