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Aug 25, 2006 11:25 PM

Arola in Barcelona - Photo Report

Chef/Owner Two Michelin Starred Sergi Arola opened this restaurants 6 years ago after working at the world famous El Bulli... definitely a hip and trendy restaurant in a modern setting situated inside Hotel Arts... the cuisine is very creative yet very simple....

Hotel Arts Barcelona
Marina 19-21
Barcelona, 08005
Telephone: 34 93 221 10 00

Enjoy photo report:

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  1. Spectacular photos--did you use a flash?

    One little correction: the dish that you have labeled as cod fish esqueixada looks more like the fried monkfish described in the menu. Esquixada looks more like a salad with little bits of fish.

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    1. re: butterfly

      yes i used a flash...bounced it off the ceiling...
      yeah i think you are right about that dish...