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Aug 25, 2006 10:41 PM

Inexpensive lunch downtown?

I just started a job downtown, and I am not familiar with the lunch options in that area. My office is located at Temple and Alameda--next to the federal building, just north of little tokyo. What are the best inexpensive lunch options in this area? It needs to be really close to my office with quick service, since I need to be able to walk there, eat, and get back to my office within 1 hour. The little tokyo area is close enough to be feasible, but I don't know which places have the best food, plus fast enough service for me to get back in under an hour.

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  1. Avoid the LA Mall.

    You can hike up the hill to the DWP Building -- their cafeteria is pretty good.

    Spring St. BBQ is right on the outskirts of chinatown and easily within walking distance of where you are.

    There are two good taquito stands on Olvera St. (whose names I can't recall right now).

    Of course, there's Philippe's.

    Should also consider the cafeteria in the Roybal Building, decent grub, quick and relatively inexpensive.

      1. Decent fish tacos at SeƱor Fish (422 E 1st St., (213) 625-0566). (They would be great if they used better tortillas, but still, on the whole, it's a good lunch.)

        Also, decent Japanese bar food at Iza-Yoi (132 S. Central Ave., (213) 613-9554.) Lunch menu is in the $9 to $13 range, and is pretty good.

        1. Izayoi on central, Tokyo Cafe on Judge John Aislo, Daikokuya on 1st.

          1. Koshiji in Weller Court, right next/behind New Otani
            Also second Izayoi and Daikokuya