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Aug 25, 2006 10:30 PM

Lunch in Burbank/Sun Valley

We're doing some shopping at the stone yards in Sun Valley and Pacific Sales in Burbank (Near Victory/Burbank) tomorrow. I'd appreciate some recommendations for lunch, preferably with some semi-healthy choices. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. I like Sebastian's on Riverside in Toluca Lake... they have different "flavors" that can be served as a sandwich, salad or entree... if they have the red pepper/tomato soup available, also get that.. it's wicked good... You might also try Italian Fisherman on Riverside... you can get a nice piece of fish with veggies for around $9 and it's quite tasty. They also have salads, pizza, and pasta.

    1. Hi there:

      I don't have a suggestion, but I do want to advise you to call ahead and make sure your choices are open on the weekend for lunch. I used to work in Toluca Lake, and this is a real Mon-Fri kind of place. Just a tip!

      If all else fails, for some reason, there is the Elephant Bar (please don't boo me). And Market Cafe is pretty good too.

      1. Try Bistro Provence on Pass Ave. I think they serve Brunch on Saturdays.

        Also Chadaka Thai on San Fernando Rd. near Urban Outfitters is a good bet. Slick modern interior that's different from all the chains in Burbank.

        If you want a quick bite, there's Zankou Chicken near Vons on San Fernando (a few blocks down from Ikea).