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Aug 25, 2006 10:28 PM

Treadwell Franklin Walton United Methodist Church Pancake Griddle


I grew up in a small town.


I know what you're thinking, but, smaller than that.


Really, super, insanely small. It wasn't just the kind of town where everyone knew everyone else, it was the kind of town where not infrequently, almost everyone was actually in the same room with everyone else.

There were a lot of things I didn't much care for about living in a town where a jump to 275 was considered a population boom, but one thing you couldn't argue with was the food.

A couple of times a year, we'd have pancake breakfasts at the town hall. The women would mix and bake and assemble and the men would fry up bacon and eggs and pancakes by the yard (because apparently, like grilling meat, flipping flapjacks is a masculine pursuit) and everyone would show up for breakfast.

Jim's mention of the Treadwell Franklin Walton United Methodist Church Pancake Griddle really reminded me of those long ago and far away pancake breakfasts. I think I have some pancake mix in the cupboard, but somehow, it wouldn't be the same.

  1. Remember the boy scout spaghetti fundraisers? Always spaghetti. I know from small towns...and oh, the potlucks! Maybe Jeff will get in on some of those.

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    1. re: melly

      We weren't a large enough town to have a boy scout troupe. We did almost have Brownies one year, I think, but then it never happened.

      We did, however, have spectacular pot luck dinners. Nothing quite as soulfull as a big panful of cabbage rolls made by a Ukranian grandmother.

    2. Jacquilynne, did they have 4H clubs where you grew up? I had a great 4H milkshake in new's in one of the reports.

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      1. re: Jim Leff

        I think there were some in the nearby city, but not in my town. Loggers aren't that big on actually growing stuff.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          4H Pledge -

          I pledge
          My head to clearer thinking,
          My heart to greater loyalty,
          My hands to larger service, and
          My health to better living,
          For my club, my community, my country, and my world.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I'm so old I remember when they added "My World"

        2. Ahhhhhhhhhh. . . potlucks. . ahhhhhhhhhh. . fundraisers!

          Here in Sonoma County, fast becoming food snob central, I take every chance I get to attend local potlucks and spaghetti feeds. Should there be a sign boasting a local Volunteer Fire Dept pancake breakfast happening, I slam my van into reverse if necessary to careen up some narrow road, parking dangerously near a culvert to eat inside the firehouse as may pancakes as I can for $6 to $8 dollars.

          A local favorite (and legend in his and MY mind) is Art Ibleto, The Pasta King. In his younger years Art would travel to Gilroy to personally pick nearly 100 pounds of garlic for the pesto and marinara and garlic bread that he'd serve at the County Fair during it's two week run. He's recently added polenta to the menu, after the ticket vendor, the Spaghetti Palace is always my second stop, the on to the horse races.

          I may have to build a shrine to the man.

          His community work seems tireless. There is not a school, public or private, in the area that has not had a spaghetti feed as a fundraiser. The food is always great and plentiful, a perfect combo.

          As for potlucks in this area - church and the like - I believe anyone who brings potato salad from Costco should be horsewhipped in public. I know we're all busy, but geeee whiz.

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          1. re: beckiefd

            Over the years, I've actually become fine with people who bring stuff from Costco to potlucks. Chances are, those people can't cook anyway, so something they made would be less good than the Costco salad. And the Costco salad, by virtue of being in a Costco container carries its own personal warning against bothering to try it.

            1. re: Jacquilynne

              Yours is the first post to make me laugh out loud! Truly!

              1. re: beckiefd

                Makes me miserable to think that people won't (or worse) hate to cook and won't if they can avoid it.In a crazy busy world, cooking has become a hugely dreaded burden instead of a way to relax and communicate and show some love to your fellow eaters and yourself. Someone brought a huge bucket of cole slaw and one of potato salad from a local convenience store to a pot luck I attended last wknd and a box of wine. Food comes from boxes and plastic buckets now? Food is one of our last conections to nature and people don't even know it.I would be mortified to bring store bought crap to a friend's get together and wouldn't eat it if you paid me!

                1. re: missclaudy

                  Well, one of the happiest sights at a potluck at the Druids Hall in Forestville (which I'm sure rings a bell with beckiefd) was a bigger than a gallon-size plastic bucket of spreadable Teleme jack cheese. This is something that we normally have to fight over a meager 8 ounces, and here someone bought a giant foodservice size for us. Teleme heaven!

                  Just wanted to point out that sometimes good things can come in BIG plastic packages, and from Costco even if people care. Did you expect them to make their own wine?

          2. People can schlep food around in any kind of container that they please, just seems to me that a potluck is a chance to make beautiful, delish food for the pleasure of friends. What if everyone at the fiesta brought factory prepared food in a plastic bucket from Costco? I'll bet this has happened. If you were served this food in a restaurant, you'd have a nervous breakdown. My European parents were as particular about food presentation as they were about the taste of the food. Part of my family education was to make lovely food and decorate it and serve it with pleasure for all.I can't help myself. And no,I don't make my own wine, if they took the wine out of the box insted of throwing the box (2 bottles) on the table, I would have been happier. The wine was fine. Am I that much of a freak?

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            1. re: missclaudy

              Please join me and the other freaks who believe to put thoughtfulness (at least, if love is not available) into food served to friends (and strangers)is an obligation to one's self respect.

              1. re: beckiefd

                Amen. Well put. Please post more...this community is for freaks like you and I.

                1. re: beckiefd

                  If either of you is ever in Philly, I'll cook you a hyper delicious dinner!!!!!

                  1. re: missclaudy

                    You're on! How far is Philly from DC?

                    1. re: beckiefd

                      Come on down,I mean up ! Philly is about 3 hours from DC.

                      1. re: beckiefd

                        Thrill me with your menu choices!

                        1. re: beckiefd

                          Let's see.
                          Muhumarra - red pepper, walnut and pomegranate dip.
                          Georgian lamb neck stew with plums.
                          Local seasonal vegetables
                          Home made ice cream, flavor to be decided
                          Local raw milk cheeses

                          When can I expect you?

                  2. I'm guessing you're Russian/Armenian?