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Aug 25, 2006 09:24 PM

Carmel, I've done my homework what do you think?

Ok, so we will be spending three nights in Carmel for our First Anniversary. We have reservations at Bouchee the first night, Pacific's Edge the last.(our actual anniversary, it's where we had our wedding dinner) so that leaves one night for dinner, I was looking for someplace that would not be as expensive as the other two.
I've narrowed it down to:

2.Flying Fish Grill
3.Little Napoli (I had one good meal there years ago, haven't heard
if it's still good)

For breakfast and/or lunch

1.California Market
2.Katy's Place
3.Village Corner

Any comments or further suggestions (specifically for Carmel-by-the- Sea) will be appreciated, I would like to make this time as special as possible, I don't want it spoiled by bad food!

Thank You,

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  1. Think about the Rio Grill, if not for dinner, then lunch. It's in the Crossroads shopping center.

    1. Katy's Place is terrific for breakfast/brunch. We go every time we are in Carmel.

      1. For dinner try the whaling station.

        1. Of your list I would chose Christopher's or Flying Fish.
          If you like to be a little edgy with a fusion style then go with Flying Fish. Otherwise pick Chris.

          I second Katy's

          1. My husband and I love the corn and crab bisque at Portabellas. We stay in Carmel often and we always go back to Portabellas for that bisque. However, you don't have to go there for dinner. You could go to Portabellas for lunch.

            Have Fun.