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Aug 25, 2006 09:18 PM


I was watching Toronto Dining the other day, and they did a feature on this little place at Yonge and Eglinton. Ive really wanted to try it, b/c i LOVE good halibut and chips. Now, I realise this is not just a little english fish and chips joint, and they offer some very interesting things, like a 'shot' of matzo ball soup (does anyone want to tell me how big a shot of soup is haha?), but the fish and chips is 24$ for halibut.. Has anyone been to this place? Is it good enough to be worth the 24$ or should I just stick to my usual newspaper wrapped fish and chips? Has anyone had any of the 'small plates', some sound pretty interesting... any recommendations guys?

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  1. I've never been but I can tell you without fear of reprisal that there is no possible way that Halibut and Chips can be worth $24. Not if it's the standard battered and fried fish and chips anyway. Go to Penrose on Mt. Pleasant, south of Eglinton.


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      or don't. Penrose is absolutley disgusting, sorry- maybe you haven't been in awhile davwud? The oil is old and stinks like only old oil can- as a Maritimer, I gotta say I was shocked when I went there and realized this is what T.O. lines up out the door for.

    2. I was there last summer with a girlfriend.

      We enjoyed the 'tapas' style plates, since it was between lunch and dinner and there wasn't a full kitchen service. We both enjoyed the meal immensely - everything looked and tasted great - with a bottle of white wine that was produced exclusively for the restaurant (supposedly - I guess that means they got their own stickers ;)

      The waiter was beyond nice. The place was pretty empty, though, and my gal pal is a hottie.. so I never can judge service appropriately when dining with her ;)

      I would recommend it and have been looking for an occasion to return.

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        c-food is not for the is spot on at 'yonge and eligible' and caters that waiter nice to hot gal pal. nothing new or exciting to be had and it is rather pricey for plain ol'fish and seafood-esque tapas. we (2 gals) went and the waitress treated us like crap. am sure there are better halibut places to be had in toronto---meaning the halibut burrito at burrito, that is some good eating!!

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          Where is Burrito Boys located??


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            Peter/Richmond. The halibut burrito *is* quite good; had one Thursday ;) Get there before noon.

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              is it like beer battered 'fish and chips' style wrapped in a flour tortilla??

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                It is a lightly battered halibut fillet in a tortilla - comes in large and small sizes (small is usually more than enough!) - and you get your choice of fillings; rice, beans, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, green onion, hot sauce, burrito sauce and sour cream.

                I think I covered it all.. someone will call me on it if I didn't ;) They're good; this summer I've taken many 20 minute walks at lunch for one.

                *edit* Here, website:

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              Didn't have any halibut, but truly enjoyed everything we did eat. And I like good food.

          2. Fish and chips for $24.00!!! That does sound crazy, even if it's labeled as fillet of "atlantic baby halibut".

            On their lunch menu, the halibut & chips plate is advertised for $9.00. I wonder if the dinner serving is nearly three times as large?

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              really? eeek.. perhaps I need to go for lunch instead because thats QUITE the mark up from lunch to dinner...

            2. We go to a place in Richmond Hill that has the BEST fish and chips... Halibut... and I think it's $10. The plate is so big you can't finish it.

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                  Old Galley Fish n Chips, 9625 Yonge. Same plaza as Nando's Chicken, which is a chilehead dream! Hot and spicy chicken and great fries, good salads.