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Aug 25, 2006 09:14 PM

Help the Chowspouse get ten/fifteen lawyers out of their rut! Same question, more oomph!

My prior post, I now realize, lacked sufficient oomph to get lots of attention (those who did respond already, thank you!) so let me paint the picture:

My lovely and brilliant wife, who is also my business partner, is one of two women in a group of roughly fifteen attorneys who belong to a study group which has monthly dinner meetings; I believe she is also the youngest. She gets to pick a dinner location soon. The "good old boys" in the group like good food, and really good wine, but, as per my prior post, tend to be a little predictable in their choice of dining, in the red-meat/red-meat/and then some red-meat mode (Mastro's, Maple Dr., Arnie Morton's; once they got really adventurous and went to, well, Fogo de Caio). (BTW, save the "lawyer/carnivore" gags. We've heard'em. In fact, to paraphrase Earl Palmer, we invented 'em.)

She'd like to get'em a little further east (maybe as far as La Brea, but they probably draw the line east of there) and a little more adventurous, WITHOUT delving into the "witty" "ironic", "deconstructed", "post-modern" or "experimental" range (nothing made into foam, or frozen in liquid nitrogen; no bacon butterscotch ice cream, no ravioli carmelized with Fisherman's Friend Cough Drops (hey, it's in the El Bulli book, I think!), nothing served in a fashion that you need instructions as to how to get it off the serving plate into your mouth...)

They'll need a private room. A serious wine list won't hurt.

So what else we got?

Thanks again, in advance.

r gould-saltman

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  1. Campanile? They have private rooms upstairs.

    1. What about La Terza? If the red meat holdouts can get over the fact that some of the menu is in Italian, they can still order steak and potatoes, and everyone is happy.

      1. Ca Brea has private rooms upstairs and is pretty good for upscale Italian- I am sure they can get Veal chops and steaks

        Barefoot has a private room upstairs

        1. I think Grace would be perfect for a dinner such as this. They have a perfectly sized private room, good food and nice wine list.

          1. Is it in the geographical range? Jar.