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Aug 25, 2006 08:50 PM

Best Polish Bakeries in Chi and Best Sources For Kolachies


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  1. Weber's on Archer Avenue just east of Harlem Ave. I work in the neighborhood and Weber's is my downfall. The Kolachy are amazing, and so are the peanut butter cookies, pound cake and everything else they make.

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    1. re: merkay

      My fate is to find the best kolaczki and so far, Weber's is winning. Everything at Weber's is delicious, but their kolaczki's are simply spectacular!

      1. re: Basia

        Agree---Weber's is great. Try the rye bread and raison bread too, really good. Also love the choc. chip(or any )coffee cake.

    2. Oak Mill Bakery in Niles / (847) 318-6400
      This is one of the very best Polish Bakeries. It's been around for years. Great stuff! Try the blueberry custard roll.

      1. I find the Kolacky at the Oak Park Bakery excellent, but I'll be heading to Weber's to compare.

        Oak Park Bakery
        904 S. Oak Park Avenue

        Just South of the Eisenhower.