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Aug 25, 2006 08:39 PM

Need Restaurants in Midway Area

We will be visiting Chicago in two weeks and need some suggestions for restaurants near the Marriott Fairfield in the Midway area. We will be traveling with friends from England and need a wide variety of suggestions to work with their preferences. Reasonable prices preferred.

Are there any places in the Chicago area that are really reasonable and good? Send all the suggestions that you can. We are not looking for fancy, just good eats.


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  1. I don't know what you mean by Midway area? I looked up Marriot Fairfield Chicago and found a hotel at 216 E. Ontario. If that's where you are staying, you will be in a neighborhood known as Streeterville. If you are staying near Midway Airport, I can't help you.

    Good, reasonably priced restaurants in Streeterville:
    - Kamehachi - very good sushi
    - Indian Garden - one of the better downtown Indian restaurants

    You will also be close to Michigan Avenue where you will find:
    - Zest (in the Hotel Intercontinental) - I haven't been for dinner, but I think this is one of the best lunch values in the city. It has the ambiance of a very fancy restuarant, with very reasonable prices (entrees in the $12-15 range). The food is contemporary american. I LOVE their lobster club. Their salads are also very good, especially the salmon salad.
    - Oak Tree (in the 900 N. Michigan shopping mall) - good brunch standards with a relaxed atmosphere and nice views.

    A little further west:
    - Mambo Grill (Clark, just N. of Kinzie) - really good Latin food, excellent drinks, fun atmosphere.
    - Cafe Iberico - good tapas, very reasonable prices, but expect a long wait (the Sangria makes the wait bearable)

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    1. re: SuzMiCo

      We are staying near Midway Airport
      Fairfield Inn & Suites
      6630 South Cicero Avenue
      Bedford Park , IL 60638

      We will be spending most of the days in Chicago, so we will check out your recs. Its a good start.


    2. Midway is southwest of downtown. There is not much in the way of dining around it. But you do not need to stay downtown to find good food. In fact, if you are interested in reasonably priced, good food, there a number of southside neighborhoods you might explore (some accessible on public transportation, some you may need a car). Suggestions:

      Bruna's at 2424 Oakley - This is a long-established neighborhood Italian restaurant. Pasta, veal, and fish all quite good. An institution.

      Chinatown - If you search the board, you will find all sorts of views of which is the best restaurant in Chinatown. Our favorite is Moon Palace, but reasonable people can differ. Prices are very reasonable.

      Pilsen/ Little Village - This is the heart of Chicago's Mexican community. Nuevo Leon is generally the place to go (a Mexican-American colleague always goes there for her family celebrations).

      Hyde Park - This is due east of Midway, at the lakefront. It is home of the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science & Industry. There is an active discussion on the board of best places to eat. In addition to those listed, you might consider La Petite Folie in the Hyde Park Mall. Depending on how you define reasonably priced, this may or may not be in your price range.

      Also, for reasonable, good food, definitely consider Greek Town. Again, lots of active discussions on the board for this. Consensus choices seem to be Santorini, especially if you prefer fish, or Greek Islands.

      1. Portillo's, 2 of them near your hotel. 95th Pulaski and 55th Harlem. Staff can give u directions. Best street food in one place.
        Palermo's , just off 95th Cicero, great pizza.
        Take the orange line downtown. You get on at the airport, 10 minutes later you are in the Loop.

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        1. re: care2

          Yeah, I agree with the Portillo's and Palermo's recommendations.
          Portillo's has a huge variety...something for everyone. Palermo's has very good pizza, steaks, pastas, chicken, etc. Local neighborhood feel here.

          BOBAK's on south archer avenue has a huge Polish Buffet for $9.95.

          La Cabana for very good Mexican Food on Archer Avenue just east of Harlem if it's still around.
          Home Run Inn Pizza on South ARcher Avenue

        2. Here's a place south of your hotel:

          Chuck's Southern Comfort Cafe
          5557 W 79th St
          Burbank, IL 60459
          (708) 229-8700

          and here's a thread about a dinner there:

          East of Midway there is an excellent Middle Eastern restaurant:
          Steve's Shish Kabab
          3816 W 63rd St
          (773) 581-8920
          [call first -- they may be on vacation


          Next door to Steve's is a branch of La Quebrada, a very good (and authentic) Mexican restaurant.

          More details on these places plus some other good neighborhood restaurants can be found here:

          Have fun, and we'd love to hear where you end up.


          1. I think Chuck's is one of the finer restaurants in Chicago in that they serve very good Cajun, Mexican, and BBQ which is pretty difficult to pull off. Many others have trouble pulling one off well.

            Having said that, do realize that special dinners held for Chowhounds often include a lot of items that are NOT available for someone walking in off the streets.