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Aug 25, 2006 08:32 PM

Downtown Riverside Restaurant Recs

Other than the Mission Inn, where are great places to eat in downtown Riverside. I'm open to price, type of food, etc.


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  1. Gram's BBQ Palace:

    Great "soul food" restaurant around the corner on the pedestrian mall heading up towards the convention center. Really, really flavorful bbq ribs, sides and sweet potato pie. Legendary.

    1. Mario's Place, which is directly across from the Mission Inn,is excellent. I live in LA, but I am in Riverside for business frequently, and I have always found the food to be outstanding. If it were in LA, it would be subject to a lot of buzz. I like the Mission Inn too, but Mario's far outstrips it (and many places in LA). It is a real find.

      1. If you want something casual and tasty, go to Lake Alice Trading Company and have one of their yummy burgers and delicious shoestring fries.

        1. Duane's is pretty good, though the prices are pretty high. The seared Ahi tuna was delicious, not oily like some places tend to overdo it. The atmosphere is very pleasing and formal. I'd recommend it considering the rest of the options in Riverside.

          1. Canyon Crest Town Center in the corner is Romanos Family Rest. Great Italian Food ~cheap eats~ call for reservations on weekend nights. Great for a date

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              the sandwich place at Canyon Crest plaza - if that's all you need for lunch - is good. The outdoor seating is decent (ie feels more patio-ish than sidewalk)


              for other sandwich place - with definitely a casual patio well off the street - some people like Back Street. It is casual.

              i have been to both many times - I'd still go to both - each has its own character.