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Aug 25, 2006 08:29 PM

Dim Sum in the valley?

Is there a place to get decent dim sum in the valley (not too far from Studio City/North Hollywood)?

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  1. No.

    A&W Seafood on Reseda Blvd. in Northridge has dim sum on carts, but for the time it takes to drive up to Northridge, you could drive downtown where the product at Ocean is better and more varied than A&W. Even the SGV doesn't take that long to get to on weekend mornings. We can be in San Gabriel in less than 1/2 hour from Sherman Oaks.

    1. A&W's dim sum is pretty good, but not on the level of the good San Gabriel Valley dim sum houses. (I would say A&W is pretty comparable to Empress Pavilion in recent years.) While the drive to San Gabriel is probably as quick from North Hollywood/Studio City in no traffic, A&W serves dim sum every day.

      A&W is on the corner of Reseda and Prarie (just north of Nordhoff and not too far from the 118.)

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        Yes, but Ocean Star in Chinatown also serve dim sum every day, and they're a damn sight better than A&W.

      2. In response to Das Ubergeek, you're right, but if I'm craving dim sum on a weekday and don't want to fight traffic to get downtown or to San Gabriel, A&W is a good option.