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Aug 25, 2006 08:29 PM

Good Pasta, Not Necessarily Exquisite

Hi Guys,
I have a small of people who need to carbo-load Sat. evening. for the NYC 1/2 Marathon. Any ideas on something casual, not too expensive, yet done well? Thank you.

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  1. Via Emilia. They don't take reservations, and it's cash only.

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      Good suggestion. Just stick to the pastas that are homemade-- the spaghetti isn't, for example.



    2. I agree w/Via Emilia. I also like Cacio e Pepe, Crispo, Piadina, Max, and Enoteca Barbone, but there are a lot of good options for this. Good luck!

      1. Le Zie has great pasta and is reasonable. I also love some of the other recs like Cacio e Pepe and Crispo but, IMO, I think the portions at Cacio are smaller than some of the other options and Crispo, although casual with big portions, might be difficult to get a reservation at the time you want. If you want a lot of pasta, going for quantity over quality, there is always Carmines. Have not been to Via Emilia yet but it is now on my list. Good luck!

        1. You should try Campanile (29th street between Madison and park avenue south). Their pasta is incredible! I had the linguini with seafood and it cost 22$ for a huge portion. All the other pastas are under that price. It is a really good restaurant.

          I am sure that the NY purists will screech when I will say that but I went once to an Italian restaurant, the one that still has candles in the Chianti bottles, but I had a really dinner. It is called Rocco (not the one from the reality show who is making a fool of himself everywhere with his over botoxed face!) and is in Greenwich village. It is just south of Bleecker on a street between MacDougall and West Broadway. My friend, who lived in the city at the time, lifted his nose on the restaurant but my other friend and me really loved it.

          I don't know if this restaurant is still there but there was one on Bleecker, just west of sixth avenue in front of the small park where all the pigeons hang out....another one where a lot of tourists go but it was quite good. I don't remember the name though, if someone could help me out that would be nice, it was located next door to a restaurant which changes names everytime I am in the city. It was once called Citron I think. The Italian restaurant was located right next door to this place.

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            Rocco's still there. I haven't been.