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My birthday party!

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My birthday is Wednesday, and I told everybody (about 12-15 people) that we would go to Réservoir. My big problem is that I called to reserve to be told that they don't take reservations!!! So now I have to find another place because I don't want to risk getting there on Wednesday and be told there was no room. Does any of you have a suggestion? I want something with a cool vibe, not too expensive, and that can accomodate a group... thanks!

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  1. Are you going for drinks or for dinner? Reservoir has full meal service at lunchtime, but after 2pm, they only serve tapas.

    If you want to have a meal and/or drinks you could try L'Assomoir. It has a similar atmosphere to Reservoir. Although a little bit more on the uppity side. And they do take reservations.

    1. Have you ever tried Misto on Mont-Royal street? It can get quite loud though but it has a cool vibe. The food is quite good.

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        Their food seemed pretty overpriced and uninspired to me.