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Aug 25, 2006 07:28 PM

Hero Certified Burgers....What the $^%#!!!!!

Is this place a joke?? I had lunch there today and I can't believe how bad it is. It's expensive and just plain terrible. I ordered a burger with peameal, cheddar and the other fixin's, fries and a shake. The whole thing set me back over $11. The shake was up first and I started on that. It was pretty bad. Very watery. Then my order came up. I looked at the fries and they seemed a little on the blond side. I tried one and there weren't bad. Just not cooked enough for my liking and most of them were under an inch in length. So I opened my burger and I almost cried when I saw a frozen patty. I couldn't believe someone would charge that much for a frozen patty burger. The worst part of it all was you couldn't taste the cheese, the peameal was all but lost and patty itself had no real beef flavour. Other than beef fat that is. I was pissed. I kept expecting Alan Funt to come walking out of the kitchen. I just can't believe they're getting away with this. It wasn't crowded on a Friday afternoon so I doubt they're doing well. I really felt ripped off.


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  1. And they are sprouting like weeds, new ones opening on Queen W and in Richmond Adelaide Centre, taking over Fit for Life.

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    1. re: Mila

      There has to be a critical point where franchises turn bad. How many stores does it take? Two? Three? More? I think of Amato, for example, which used to make my favourite pizza and then started franchising and fell badly.

      1. re: Tout Garni

        Thats why Hero is smart...they started off bad, so nothing can go downhill for them. Agree that Amato is a REAL loss. The Queen W location had the best salads and pasta and meatballs and fresh was supposed to get a complete reno in 2005 and it never happened. The place just keeps slipping away. But with the huge margin on Zah I guess they will be fine. Pizziaolo on the other hand has greatly improved as they have expanded. Hope they expand their menu to include good greek and caesar salads.

      2. re: Mila

        I agree, there is another one opening at one of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus at Ellesmere and Morningside so I heard. Lets hope this shop is up to par.. or else it close down as fast as it came...

      3. In all honesty the best Hero Burger I've ever had was my first at the HAzelton Lanes location (1st in chain). I just died over was moist, juicy, brought tears to this burger connoisseur's eye's. Then one day I saw that they were opening up one in the PATH underground...I said yippy yahoo! But then...the horror! First of all I had to wait for 30 mins in a line, but that's only if I got there 15 mins before 12 noon. Otherwise people would be standing there for at least an hour. At this point I was still enamoured with Hero Burger. But when I took my first bite of the food court Hero burger, my love affair was over...dry cold and tastless...for shame! I have tried another location that isn't bad - Queen / Tecumseth - so maybe it's the franchisor that is to blame...

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        1. re: TOfoodie

          And the franchise for not ensuring better quality. And consistancy for that matter.


          1. re: TOfoodie

            I have to jump in here and say I had my first Hero Burger a few weeks ago at the Hwy 7/Leslie location, and it was pretty good. So it does seem to be that the franchises are inconsistent.

            1. re: cord

              Well if you're ever in Aurora and want a Hero burger, go somewhere else.


              1. re: Davwud

                We go to the Aurora location often. You must have hit a bad day. They may be frozen patties, but they are lean Angus beef and since my choice is to add Boursin cheese and Hero sauce, they are great! We love them. The fries are addictive. We have only once had something we didn't like, and yeah it was the shake. I guess they are not much more expensive than Licks. I prefer Licks but Hero is a lot closer.

                1. re: Lipant

                  First of all, if I'm gonna pay that much for a burger, I just about want to see cows out back.

                  The Angus beef is another thing. I'm not sure I get it. I've had great beef and I've had Angus beef. But I've never had great Angus beef. It's always been mediocre.

                  As for it being a bad day. I guess I'll never know because I shan't be going back.


                  1. re: Davwud

                    Angus is just a breed of cow. It can be any quality at all. The "Certified Angus" brand of beef happens to be of very high quality. Methinks the purveyors of "Angus" burgers are riding on the coattails of this brand. Angus does not mean it's the Certified Angus brand, but the association exists in many peoples' minds.

                    1. re: embee

                      Never thought of it that way.
                      I have bought CA and thought it was terrible. I also have a buddy who's a butcher and he told me that, while it's supposed to be better because of marbling, he found it to be no better and he doesn't buy it because it's more expensive.


                      1. re: Davwud

                        Interesting. I have bought Certified Angus rib steaks/roasts from both Royal Beef and Loblaws and found it to be very good, both with the Royal Beef aging and straight from the supermarket. The CA is markedly better than the standard issue beef at the Loblaws stores carrying it.

                        I haven't tried any other cuts of CA beef, so can't comment on them.

                2. re: Davwud

                  I went to the Aurora location yesterday. It was my first and last time eating at Hero Certified Burgers.

                  I purchased a 6oz. burger with pemeal bacon, chesse etc.

                  It was by far the WORST BURGER I'VE EVER EATEN!

                  I can't believe a place that primarily serves burgers has such awful burgers. The beef was extreamly processed and had a very rubbery texture. It was obvious that it was a frozen patty.

                  For some wierd reason, the beef had almost no flavour. The only thing I could taste was beef fat - this almost made me gag.

                  I tried to force myself to eat it, since the combo cost me around $10, and I'm not fond of wasting money or food. Unfortunately, three quarters of the way through, I simply gave up. I though "why am I torturing myself"

                  I saw a few other people dining there. I have to assume it was their first time there as well, because I cannot believe that this restaurant has any return customers.

                  I'm definately never going back.

                  1. re: Jonathanm

                    You went to the very same place I did and had exactly the same burger.
                    I'll give them one thing, they're consistant.


            2. Coming to Yonge/King too.

              1. It may come to Yonge & King. I'll still go to Patrician Grill.

                1. How do these compare with the South Street Burger places that were opened by NY Fries? I actually don't mind the South St burgers - they're not great, but certainly much better than fast food quality (which they ought to be, considering a cheeseburger combo is $10). I like the condiment choices for being vaguely original without being completely trendy.

                  I do, though, rather wonder what would be so hard about throwing a little salt on those patties.