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Aug 25, 2006 07:22 PM

Dupont Circle Breakfast/Bakeries

I'll be making one of my museum field trips to DC this weekend and staying at Dupont Circle. I'd like to escape the prospect of hotel breakfast -- does anyone have recommendations for a diner, bakery or café that serves breakfast in the neighborhood?

Also, browsing through some of the prior posts on dinner I see references to Pesce and Bistrot du Coin as moderately-priced and good in that area. Any comments or other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, DC hounds!

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  1. I and others frequently recommend Teaism as a fantastic breakfast site in DuPont Circle. The french toast and sausage are particular favorites of mine, but almost everything is wonderful.

    Also, I'd avoid Bistrot du Coin like the plague. The food is just average and the service is notoriously abusive/haughty/neglectful/just plain bad.

    1. mug of Teaism Chai and a Salty Oat Cookie!!!

      1. Actually, Bistrot du Coin's breakfast is delicious if you stick to omelettes and coffee. It may be overpriced, but not more than any other Dupont brunch (except Teaism).