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Aug 25, 2006 07:21 PM

best pie?

For some reason I've been craving pie lately. Where do you go when you want really great pie? Places that serve by the slice are fine but I'm mainly interested in buying whole pies to take home. I'm willing to drive upto 2 hours out of the city for this! A couple of places I can think of are The Big Apple, Chudleigh's, a market (also with a big apple outside of it) at the corner of Hwy 7 and Mississauga Rd... anywhere else?

Also, any good ideas on where to get amazing buttertarts?

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  1. Wanda's Pie in the Sky (near Yonge & Bloor) is supposed to be good

    1. Wanda's is DAYYAM good
      just had one today - niagara peach
      Her chocolate pecan is high on the recommend as is her Pear & Cranberry (only available in winter)

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        does Wanda sell her pies by the slice or only the whole pie?

        1. re: hungryabbey

          Definitely by the slice - I visit TO every year for the film festival and Wanda's is one of our favorite stops in the vicinty.

          1. re: hungryabbey

            You can get a whole pie in several different sizes, individual pies, and slices. All very very worth it. I am a huge fan of her peach and cherry pies.

            As for Chudleigh's posted above, while I think their orchard and apple picking is fun, I would not recommend their pies. I used to work there, slicing pies and serving coffee, and their pies underwhelmed. I can absolutely make better pies myself. Bland and boring, and predicatable.

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            The sour cherry pie is to die for. She sells whole pies as well as by the slice. Her new location is at Wanda's in the Kitchen with Dinah at 1057 Mt. Pleasant.

          3. If you don't mind going for a drive, they are known for their pies at the farmer's market in St. Jacob's:


            1. The Big Apple? Is that the roadside attraction next to Hwy 401? I have never stopped by but may have an opportunity to be travelling by it next month.

              How good is their apple pie?
              Is there anything else worth getting there (foodwise, of course)?

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                I find The Big Apple's "Mummble Crummble" pie too sweet for my liking. The day I went they did not have any of the original apple pies. I was looking forward to purchasing some fresh apple cider/juice before arriving, but once there, I found out that they in fact don't sell fresh apple juice (I was VERY disappointed and surprised!) I bought a bag of apple chips and that was pretty good, although I was disappointed and surprised (again) to find out that the apple chips were not manufactured by The Big Apple... they just brought them in from some distributor. And IMO, marked up the price on them, too.

                I wouldn't necessarily recommend making the trip out there just to visit The Big Apple.

              2. "the big apple" is actually called Macmillan Farms. Their apple pies are pertty good, so is their apple butter.

                They also sell a ton of flash frozen goodies to store for the winter. I mostly buy a 10lb pail of apples to make my own pie with. They come sliced and peeled, so it take most of the work out of pie-making.