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Aug 25, 2006 07:19 PM


Hi Chow. I don't know if this is really the right topic to talk about but you're foodies so I thought I'd try. I'm looking for a really chic, cool but smaller more personal caterer than some of the big ones I've worked with. Has anyone had any expierience with any companies? Small dinner parties, cocktail parties, etc.. Thanks.

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  1. Entertaining Forkless. The best in DC I've found.

    1. In DC, Entertaining Forkless is great. Their bartending skills are unmatched and prices are very comparable to the actual service received. 7 Thumbs up!

      1. Softy7,

        DC or Baltimore? I'm doing tasting right now of various caterers, but most are in the Baltimore area.

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          I'm right by Farragut West in DC. But thanks for all the responses.

        2. A friend of mine used Star Catering in VA for a recent party. She raves...

          1. Better Events, Falls Church. Outstanding. Esp. if you ask their Bolivian chef to stray from their standard menus.