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Aug 25, 2006 07:10 PM

Bakeries / Cakes (PHX area)

I am looking for a place/bakery with good (or amazing) cakes. Nothing too over the top because I don't have a crazy budget but that grocery store stuff won't cut it.

I like the stuff at Tammy Coe (La Grande Orange) but am looking for other places to try as well.

BTW, Cathy's Rum Cake is pretty good too.


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  1. I just ran across this in Phoenix Magazine's Best of the Valley website. You might want to give them a call.

    Best Birthday Cake
    Barb’s Bakery: At this comfy family-owned bakery in Central Phoenix, cakes are made from scratch. Trust us, Barb’s will make anyone’s birthday happy with a cake just like Grandma used to make. Signature cakes include Carrot, Magical Marble, Pink Champagne and Sunny Yellow. Be creative. Build your own cake by choosing one of 10 fillings, including chocolate-fudge and strawberry. To top it off, pick from nine different flavors of icing, including rich butter creams and whipped toppings. And, after you’ve ordered the cake, treat yourself to a hot cup of joe and a fresh scone, doughnut or cookie. All are made from scratch, of course. 2929 N. 24th Street, Phoenix, 602-957-4422

    1. don't know where you are in the valley, but I like cakes from AJ's and Whole Foods. I think they have vendors for most of their gourmet cakes. In Chandler, there's a place called Better than S-x Cafe. Too heavy for me, but you might like it?

      1. For my 40th birthday party, my wife picked up a cake at Karsh's Bakery in North Central Phoenix. We, along with our guests, loved it and have since gone back whenever we've needed something for a special occasion.

        One caveat: Karsh's has a New-Yorky feel that may seem a little brusque at times; it reminds me of the bakeries depicted in various Seinfeld episodes. The product is consistently good, and special orders are executed correctly and on-time. I would characterize the service as efficient but not necessarily friendly.

        1. I am not a big fan of what I call "goupy" cakes - the kind that look great but there is very little actual cake in it and all you really get is goupy filling and icing. That being said I have been impressed with the cakes from Honeymoon Sweets in Tempe. At least another option to consider.


          1. So true about Karsh's!

            So true about Karsh's.

            I love, love, love Tammie Coe cakes. I've decorated 2 wedding cakes from there and used them for numerous other parties and get togethers. That would be my choice. But, let me give you a little secret about Tammie can get pricey when you pay by the slice. Particularly, with a wedding cake. Basically, they ask how many you want to serve. Say 50 people, they charge $5 (I think), so it's $250 for the cake. Their slices are HUGE. I ordered a cake for a wedding (didn't call it a "Wedding Cake") for about 28 people, it feed over 60 people and cost a $100. If it's a wedding cake it automatically costs more. So just keep in mind to "under" order. I order the small cake and can easily feed 15-18 people with it. They say it feeds 8.

            Am I making sense?

            I'm not a fan of the style of Cathy's Rum Cakes. It's just not my gig.

            I like Barb's. I'd had a couple of cakes from there too. Not as good at Tammie Coe, but also a different type of cake and presentation.