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Aug 25, 2006 07:02 PM

Best dim sum or Cantonese restaurants in or near Long Beach?

There's a bazillion postings about Cambodian and Vietnamese food, but I don't see a lot about any new dim sum places.
What about traditional Cantonese restaurants that serve multiple-course meals?

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  1. Adopt this as your mantra: there is no good Chinese food in Long Beach.

    A couple places in Lomita are okay, though. I'm not a huge fan of Cantonese, but you may be able to find something with a search. Most of the Lomita-based places seem to be on PCH.

    1. So short of driving to Monterey Park, where's the nearest place?

      1. Best bet are a couple of places in Cerritos/Artesia--Ten Ten Seafood in the 99 Ranch Market shopping center on Pioneer Bl. and Happy House on Norwalk Bl. near South Street. Also, don't know if Prince Seafood, 11828 South St., re-opened after their kitchen fire. These are all better than Chinatown quality places.