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Tioga Pass Resort - don't overlook this alternative to Whoa Nellie Deli

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Finally had dinner here at the Tioga Pass Resort after hearing some nice things about it. What a nice surprise. Still enjoy the scene at the Whoa Nellie Deli but it can be a bit much at times. TPR is relatively understated and the food is very solid - much more homey but in a good way. They don't throw mango and blackberries around as readily as the WND. The food is classic American in style: pot roast, chicken pot pie, meat loaf, etc.... I had the Wednesday special of Chicken Pot Pie and it was an excellent rendition: flaky, thin crust, satisfying filling with chicken chunks - it came with smashed potatoes and al dente (almost too much) vegetables. It came with a choice of salad or soup - I chose the tomato vegetable soup - a hearty tomato soup with lots of chunky vegetables in it. For dessert I went with the Banana Cream Pie - a very good version, maybe a touch sweet but not enough to prevent me from enjoying it thoroughly :~) Dinner with soup was $16.95 - we took a nice portion of it with us to enjoy later as a late night snack. Prices are comparable to the WND - maybe even a better value because they include a nice salad or soup. It's not the scene and it doesn't have the view of Mono Lake but I like their solid take on American classics. There is a nice quiet area to sit and read or visit. Our waitress was very helpful and professional (in a good way) I've heard the breakfasts are quite good also.



A very hearty soup chock full of vegetables - very satisfying and filling.


A great dish for vegetarians .... nicely presented and tasty.


A slice of pie is $4.75 and worth it. Janice had the Nectarine/Blackberry cobbler - she liked that the fruit wasn't overly sweetened and that the nectarines were ripe - the cobbler suffered a bit because we got our desserts to go - we were too full - so it was a few hours until we got to our desserts....

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  1. What was the vegetarian dish? Where is this place located?

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      10 miles west of WND on 120. I'll definitely keep this in mind. The food looks good.

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        As Peter provided a link - Tioga Pass Resort is just a mile or so outside the Tioga Pass Gate of Yosemite National Park. The vegetarian strudel was a mix of roasted(?)/grilled vegetables wrapped in strudel dough and served with a savory tomato sauce. Think the filling was mushrooms, red pepper, spinach, etc.... It was also garnished with more vegetables ... the slices arranged in a pinwheel. A generous plate....