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Aug 25, 2006 05:58 PM

RW: Pigalle

Absolutely great. interesting selections , ample portions, friendly yet professional service.
Hot fresh bread and soft butter was a good start.
It was difficult to choose which appetizer to go for; beet terrine, oysters on the half shell, tuna in phyllo, duck liver over risotto, eggplant terrine and some sort of interesting salad, I had the duck liver and it was excellent, the tuna and the beet terrine got a thumbs up at the table also.
Choices for the main course were crispy duck half duck w/ kung pao veg, steak frite, a mushroom rissoto, a pork dish, a tuna dish. I went for the steak frite / creamed spinich, very generous portions , tender and juicy.
Dessert selections were hot fudge sundae or lemon tart w/ berries, both were good. also worth mentioning was a very interesting special cocktail menu, we voted the drink with the mulled cucumbers best, as the waitor had suggested.

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  1. Wow, so many choices. Good for them!

    1. We went last night and can only second pluziam's comments. We were celebrating our anniversary, so we started with a glass of champagne and the oysters. Very tasty. I had the duck and my husband had the salmon cake. Both were excellent and more than filling. For dessert we had the lemon meringue pie which we also enjoyed. Service was excellent.

      Pigalle did the job that Restaurant Week is supposed to do. It has made us want to go back again.

      1. I went last night, too, with my wife and while we enjoyed the experience overall, we were underwhelmed by the food. Excellent service, very pleasant atmosphere, good wine and the number of choices offered on the RW menu was truly impressive. If only the food was, well, a little better. Start with the bread: a soft white, seedless scali type slice. Seemed entirely ordinary. The beet terrine was very good, an unusally creamy way to serve beets; the tuna in phyllo consisted of 5 rather small pieces of raw tuna encased in heated phyllo with yummy oriental dipping sauce, accompanied by three different and tasty pickled vegetables -- but it cost, as indicated on menu, an extra $3. I had the duck as a main, with oriental style veggies and sticky rice -- it was tasty enough but I couldn't help remembering my last duck experience: the duck leg appetizer at Gargoyle's which I can't even think of without salivating (and it costs a lot less too). My wife had the salmon cake and grits, which was nice enough, though as a grits fan she was disappointed that the grits consisted of a mere tablespoon's worth under the salmon cake.
        Still, we were happy and enjoying our meal. The real letdown was the desserts: lemon meringue tart was OK, nothing special, but the hot fudge sundae was totally lame. About the worst vanilla ice cream I've had in years topped with an insipid chocalate sauce. A Hoodie with Hershey's is twice as good. Incomprehensible how an ambitious restaurant could serve something like this in a city afloat in quality ice cream.
        By the way, I passed on the mulled cucumber cocktail enjoyed by the original poster because of the price: $14. Seemed like gouging to me, even if it's made with Hendricks gin.

        1. Also - just got an email that they are extending RW from August 29th through September 3rd (next Tuesday through Sunday).

          1. Thanks for the tip on the extension - I just booked!