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Aug 25, 2006 05:49 PM

Your fantasy restaurant ....

I'm sure I'm not the only one who just day dreams when driving or working out or whatever. Where the stuff of day dreams comes from, who knows?

One of my day dreams is what kind of restaurant would I own if I owned a restaurant. I mean, I don't cook all that much, have never worked in a restaurant or anything, but it's my day dream, right?

The restaurant would be called Capsaicin. That's what's in peppers to make them hot, right?

And the idea would be to do for hot peppers what Stinking Rose did for garlic. Except the food at my restaurant would be good.

And the idea would be that all the dishes on the menu would be hot and spicy. We'd have to have a good beer selection because alcohol dissolves casaicin (and so does milk, so we'll serve that, too. Ice water will be free ... but ice water doesn't work ... sucker!)

And what I want to do is divide the menu up by continent. So, you would have your Asian section and your Central American section and your South American section and a North American section. I'm not sure you would need a European section of the menu. And the menu would have descriptions of the types of peppers used in the dish, what region they were grown in, how hot they are on the Scoville scale (yeah, I use google) and that sort of thing. And you might even have daily specials depending on what special peppers were available at different times of the year. (This is a day dream, not a research paper, if peppers aren't seasonal, don't sue me.)

And that's sort of as far as I get. A restaurant with high quality cooking that specializes in uses of hot peppers from around the world. Meat dishes and vegetarian dishes and good bread and butter on the table to offer some relief. For all I know, there is something like this out there (if there is, I didn't steal your idea ... if someone opens up a place like this ... my first meal is comped ... LOL).

Tell me I'm not the only person who has opened a restaurant in their mind. Someone else must have thought about this ... anyone care to share their day dream restaurant?

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  1. I actually had the opportunity to design my dream restaurant! (Try not to be too jealous!! ;-) I went to school to be an Interior Designer, and one whole semester was devoted to designing a restaurant: the menu, the music, the seating, the style of food, etc.! Everyone in the class complained about having to do the menu and music, but it was a dream come true for me! (I had a hard time concentrating on the design aspect that semester!) At any rate, it was called "Southern Comfort," and you guessed it, it was a soul food restaurant! I was really trying to push the envelope and shake up Manhattan, KS! There were several signature drinks made with Southern Comfort and I remember that I used these glasses with little red chickens on them! It was supposed to be a cross between comfort and serious class! If I can find my project, I'll post some pictures!

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      That's cool.

      Your use of Southern Comfort reminded me that there is a bar in Tokyo called the Keith Richards bar and they only serve Jack Daniels. It's real small and that's all they serve. I've never been, but I buddy of mine got drunk there when his band toured Japan.

    2. PaulF, you are not the only one! What a great topic. I've been having the same fantasy restaurant in my mind for many years, at one point it segued into two fantasies.

      The main fantasy restaurant: It's large, with different rooms that serve different types of cuisines, and also different parts of the dinner (app, main, dessert). You can choose what you want to eat for each part of your meal, and there would be graceful transitions from room to room, like some of the rooms would be connected with bridges over water. So you can, say, have an Asian app, then a French entree in a different room, and each room would be decorated accordingly. The service and everything will be so smooth and graceful. Or you can stay in one room and have your complete meal there.

      The secondary fantasy: a small lunch place (maybe dinner later on!) for soups--all soups all the time. I love soup, and it will be soups of many ethnicities, soups that are very true and authentic to each culture, the more unusual stuff, not the standard soups you think of when you think of someone else's culture. Like, probably no hot and sour soup.

      1. Not a restaurant, but a bakery. I love baking. When dreaming I can never settle of what type of bakery so it changes from day to day, but mostly it's about desserts. Other days it's all about making really good breads of all sorts.

        1. I used to think about opening a combo travel bookshop & world music cafe with a Malaysian kitchen in a college town.

          1. I've had restaurant dreams for years, but my most recent iteration involves "nearly blaring" rock/alternative, an open kitchen and about 30 "seats", standing room only on dark wood tables and the privilege to serve whatever food I want out of a small menu. OK, so maybe it'll go bankrupt in 6 months, but I don't care.